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Wolf Point Board Kicks Sports Co-op Counteroffer Back To Frontier School

Wolf Point School District trustees rebuffed a counter offer from the Frontier School District for an athletic co-op and gave the Frontier district two choices during a special board meeting, Monday, July 28.
The Wolf Point board voted to split costs down the middle with Frontier for several co-oped sports or adopt the proposal the WPSD offered in June to develop a co-op contract with Frontier for all junior high sports for an estimated savings to the WPSD of $8,500. That includes charging Frontier a $400 fee per sport [all sports] totaling $2,800 and splitting travel costs with Frontier to scheduled events for a cost savings of $5,200.
The original WPSD proposal included a statement that if Frontier did not accept the terms, the WPSD would discontinue allowing Frontier students to participate in Wolf Point Junior High athletics.
The WPSD board decision was part of nearly $300,000 in budget cuts approved Wednesday, May 28, that included athletic and extra-curricular spending cuts totaling $51,050 and more than $20,000 in fee increase.
The Frontier School Board determined in June that they wanted to retain as much of the Frontier Mustang identity as possible and would keep their own boys’ and girls’ basketball and volleyball programs, while agreeing to continue to co-op with Wolf Point for football, cross country, wrestling and track, with Frontier paying Wolf Point a $400 fee per co-oped sport, even if no students are participating from Frontier.
The Frontier board also responded to a Wolf Point request that Frontier pay half of transportation costs with a counter proposal that Frontier share its bus with Wolf Point for all volleyball and basketball jamborees. Both schools take buses to those events. The Frontier proposal was for the Frontier district to incur the transportation costs.
Some Wolf Point school board members said Monday, July 28, that $400 per team per co-oped sport plus each student’s pay-to-play fee would not be enough.
Wolf Point supplies uniforms, helmets and pads.
“How come we can’t split the cost down the middle?” WPSD trustee Brent Nygard asked.
“I think half is very fair,” superintendent Joe Paine said.
There have been concerns that if the existing co-op agreement was discontinued, Wolf Point might have difficulty fielding some teams.
Paine said Wolf Point Junior High might need to bring sixth-graders up from Northside Elementary School to participate on some teams.
The next Wolf Point school board meeting will be Tuesday, Aug. 12. The Frontier board meets Monday, Aug. 11.

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Promoting Positive Parenting


The Fort Peck Tribes and Roosevelt County Best Beginnings Community Council hosted a day of fun for families to promote positive parenting, Friday, July 25, at the Wolf Point Elks Club. There were several informational booths, demonstrations, a scavenger hunt and food and drinks. Pictured are Ashley Saulteaux of Wolf Point with her sons, Christian, four, and Mason, one, and Mary Fullerton RN, of the Fort Peck Tribes Diabetes Department.
(Photo by John Plestina)

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Farmers Market


The Wolf Point Farmers Market was open for the second time Saturday, July 26, in the parking lot in front of Pro Tire at the corner of U.S. Hwy. 2 and Fourth Avenue North. Carolyn Walter and Renee Walter, from Prairie Elk Colony, south of Wolf Point, were among those selling vegetables, pies and other baked goods.   (Photo by John Plestina)

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Wolf Point High School Celebrate 40th Reunion


Pictured: on wolf is Randy Martin. Standing left to right: Betty Fyfe, Jon McMaster, Gail Slunaker, Jo Ann Hibl, Alice Swoboda, Brian Berreth, Leni Loendorf, Tracy Cody, Karen Jeide, Craig Larson, Dave Allen, Dave Madison, Penny Vossler, Mike Gravely and Mary Buckles. Kneeling: Kenny Kurokawa, Jeff Neubauer, Larry Kurokawa, Randy Baker,
Roger Pautsch. Sitting: Keith Wolff. Also Participating in other reunion activites: Christy Stensland, Ken Hammar, Clayton Vine, Rosanne Erickson, Meredith Reddig, JaeDee Braaten, Mike Marshall, Ron Jackson, Marty Anderson, Kurt Link, Jim Rush and Sonny Douglas. (Please post additional pictures to the Class of 1974 Facebook sight to be shared with all.)

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Roosevelt County Fair Kicks Off With Variety And Style Show

Help celebrate the start of this year’s Roosevelt County Fair with an ice cream social and variety show on Wednesday, August 6, in downtown Culbertson. Festivities get underway at the old Armory with door prizes and refreshments at 6:30 p.m. followed by “A Night With Stars” Variety Show at 7 p.m.   
Local talent featuring an assortment of summer songs and performances is a highlight of the show.  Our local and professional performers, Chris Bengochea and Gy Salvevold, will certainly provide entertainment for those in attendance. Also, the Culbert-
son lifeguards will model vintage swim wear.
The evening event benefits Culbertson Women’s Club Community Improvement Project splash pad for the community swimming pool.  There is a $10 charge for a delightful evening filled with entertainment.  
If you are unable to attend and wish to make a contribution to help fund this ongoing CIP Project, please contact Lanette Bidegaray  at 480-3526 or Ashley Anderson at 790-0341.

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