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Charges Keep Stacking Up On Wolf Point’s Daugherty


A Wolf Point man is behind bars in the Roosevelt County Jail, accused of several offenses in Roosevelt and Valley counties that include felony drug charges, probation violations, attempting to assault a Wolf Point police officer and trying to elude a Valley County Sheriff’s deputy and Fort Peck Department of Law and Justice officer in Frazer.
Jason Daniel Daugherty, 37, was arraigned in 15th District Court, Wednesday, March 11, and pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs and misdemeanor criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. In a second and separate case he was arraigned for, Daugherty pleaded not guilty to felony attempted assault on a peace officer or judicial officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest. Both cases were from December 2014.
Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier told The Herald-News that a VCSO deputy responded to Frazer Feb. 10, to assist a FPTDLJ officer that had located Daugherty, who was wanted on warrants out of Roosevelt County, for failing to register as a violent offender and a Montana Probation and Parole warrant. The Montana Highway Patrol was also involved in Daugherty’s arrest. He was lodged in the Valley County Detention Center until he was transferred last week to the Roosevelt County Jail.
“Daugherty was not reporting and not doing the things he was supposed to be doing for parole and probation,” Meier said.
“They had a pick up order to get him under control,” he said. “He hasn’t been abiding by his probation officer and doing all the things he was supposed to.”
When Daugherty was located in Frazer Feb. 10, he ran from a tribal officer and a Valley County deputy, resulting in the officers chasing him in the snow.
Daugherty was on probation for a 2010 conviction in 7th District Court for felony criminal possession of precursors to dangerous drugs in McCone County during 2009. He was also convicted in 15th District Court in 2010 for operation of a clandestine drug laboratory in Roosevelt County in 2009. Daugherty also has a conviction for a 1997 burglary in McCone County.
Daugherty’s recent round of troubles began Dec. 17, 2014, when Wolf Point Police officer Joey Olson observed Daugherty gambling in Northern Lights Casino, a violation of parole and probation conditions. According to charging documents, Olson recognized Daugherty and asked for identification. Daugherty responded by asking “Why?” Daugherty then admitted being on parole and pleaded with Olson to overlook the violation. Olson and a FPTDLJ officer searched Daugherty’s person and vehicle. Daugherty claimed there was nothing illegal in the car, but the search revealed a substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine, syringes, glass pipe and other paraphernalia, and several small ziplock plastic bags and a digital scale.
Daughery ran from casino parking lot. Olson remained with the car while the tribal officer pursued Daugherty on foot unsuccessfully.
Olson next encountered Daugherty two weeks later, on Dec. 31 when he conducted a traffic stop of a Ford Taurus with no license plates on the 200 block of Eureka Street. Daugherty was seated in the front passenger seat, slumped in the seat with a hood covering his head, looking away out the passenger window, according to the charging documents. Daugherty failed to look at Olson and lied about his name when Olson asked. Daugherty attempted to reach under the seat after Olson recognized him. Olson pulled him out of the car. Daugherty attempted to strike Olson in the face with his right elbow and with his left fist, according to the charging documents. Olson forced him to the ground but was unable to gain control of Daugherty and threatened to use his taser.
Daugherty said, “You will have to taser me; I am never going back to prison.” He began running and Olson deployed his taser but it was not effective. Olson chased Daugherty who eluded him.
Daugherty was on the run until a tribal officer spotted him in Frazer six weeks later.
During the arraignment, Daugherty’s defense attorney sought bond reduction or own recognizance release for the recent charges in Roosevelt County.
District Judge David Cybulski denied bond reduction which is set at $50,000 for each case.

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Fuchs, Jones Appear In District Court March 11

Several people appeared before District Judge David Cybulski in 15th District Court, Wednesday, March 11.
Kyle Fuchs
Kyle Fuchs, 32, of Culbertson withdrew previously entered not guilty pleas and pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon and criminal endangerment, both felonies.
The original charges following his Sept. 28 arrest were disorderly conduct, partner/family member assault, assault with weapon, unlawful restraint and criminal endangerment.
Fuchs admitted in court last week that he threatened his wife and a male visitor in his home with a loaded shotgun while intoxicated.
Fuchs, who has been lodged in the Roosevelt County Jail more than five months, went home with an own recognizance release, which was part of his plea agreement.
Cybulski denied a reduction in bail Nov. 12 after Assistant County Attorney Jordan Knudsen opposed reducing bond, citing eight previous bail jumping charges.
Joshua Jones
Joshua Wayne Jones, 36, of Williston, N.D., entered not guilty pleas to three counts. He said he had previously entered not guilty pleas. It was unclear whether he had.
Jones pleaded guilty to a felony charge of criminal possession of dangerous drugs and misdemeanor criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
Jones and Melissa Ann Jewett, 32, of Williston were arrested together Jan. 19 in a casino near Bainville. They have companion cases and trials scheduled. Methamphetamine and a knife were found in Jones’ pockets.
Both have been free on bond since Feb. 12, one day after Cybulski agreed to reduce bail from $25,000 to $5,000 for both with waivers of extraction.
Jewett pleaded not guilty in February on felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs and a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a peace officer.
Jones and Jewett are scheduled for trial May 11.

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Fowler Sentenced, Will Not Get Prison Time

A Wolf Point man with multiple drug charges avoided prison when he was sentenced in 15th District Court, Wednesday, March 11.
District Judge David Cybulski sentenced Dale Robert Fowler, 61, to two five-year terms in the custody of the Montana Department of Corrections with all time suspended.
Fowler withdrew previously entered not guilty pleas Dec. 10, 2014, and pleaded guilty to two charges of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He admitted to possession of methamphetamine on two separate dates.
Cybulski called the suspended sentences a reward for completing a 90-day substance abuse treatment program while he was free on bond.
Cybulski reminded Fowler that he had become a regular customer in his court and told him to quit smoking marijuana.
Fowler, who is retired on a pension, will pay some required fees but no fine.

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Another Brine Spill Reported Near Williston

A spill of an estimated 1,680 gallons of brine as a result of a truck overflow about seven miles west of Williston, N.D., Monday, March 9.
Brine is a salty, toxic drilling waste byproduct of fracking operations that is much saltier than sea water.
The spill impacted a nearby creek.
The North Dakota Department of Health has identified Golden Eagle Trucking as the responsible party.
A brine spill of almost 3 million gallons on Jan. 6, also near Williston, was North Dakota’s largest since the oil boom began.

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Romero Arraigned For Burglary, Assault

Brandon Lee Romero, 20, of Poplar pleaded not guilty to charges of burglary and assault resulting in serious bodily injury during an arraignment before U.S. Magistrate Judge John T. Johnston in Great Falls, Tuesday, March 10.
A federal grand jury indicted Romero.
Romero faces a maximum of 20 years in federal prison if convicted, $250,000 in fines and three years supervised release.
The Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice investigated the case.

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