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Jury No-Shows Tell Judge Why They Weren’t There

Four people appeared before Judge David Cybulski in 15th Judicial District Court, Wednesday, Sept. 24, ordered to show cause why they didn’t show up for jury duty.
They were among the 60 people who had been called for jury selection for a scheduled trial for Malinda Bibb, Thursday, Aug. 14. Too few showed up and Cybulski declared a mistrial.
A new trial for Bibb has been scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 16.
Numerous others who had been called for the same jury pool could not be located.
Cybulski did not fine any of the four people but ordered them to fill out the questionnaires that are required of all perspective jurors and to furnish current addresses.
Some said they didn’t receive the letter and one said he forgot.
People who are excused by the court for cause may have to serve jury duty another time.
Jury pools are chosen randomly from voter, driver’s license and state identification card lists.
Montana code allows for a maximum fine of $50 for people who are summonsed for jury duty who willfully [and not excused by the court] fail to show up.
The jurisdiction of state courts does not include tribal members, but tribal members are called for district court jury duty.

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Police Urge People To Lock Doors

The Wolf Point Police Department is urging people to lock their residences following several recent incidents where unlocked houses and apartments have been entered.
Several incidents occurred during the past week.
The WPPD is urging the public to call 911 and request the police if they see suspicious individuals near their homes.

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Senate, Congressional Candidates To Debate In Sidney October 21

The Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and the Richland County Farm Bureau have announced that U.S. Senate and House of Representative candidates will debate at the Richland County Fair Event Center in Sidney in October.
U.S. Senate candidates Democrat Amanda Curtis and Republican Steve Daines both agreed to face each other in a debate, Tuesday, Oct. 21, at 7 p.m.
Questions from the audience will be submitted to a moderator and read to the candidates.
U.S. House of Representatives candidates Democrat John Lewis and Republican Ryan Zinke have been invited to debate Monday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. Zinke has confirmed.

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Fall Clean Sweep Kicks Off This Saturday, Oct. 4

Wolf Point Beautification Committee, along with Fort Peck Housing Authority, reminds community members and organizations that fall 2014 Clean Sweep will take place the week of Oct. 6-11.
Pick up large trash bags at High Plains Motors and then take some time that week to clean up around your neighborhood, business and public areas.
Weeds are big problem, especially after the August rains. If you see unsightly weeds, pull them up or cut them off and get rid of them. The town will look so much better in the spring.
Wolf Point residents may place bagged trash and tree branches in separate piles by the curb for pick-up during that week. If you have the means, take your trash to the landfill. City of Wolf Point crews will not be able to collect large metal appliances or construction waste this fall.

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Letter About Local Healthcare

Dear Editor:
I experienced my first ambulance ride last week when my husband called 911 after a sleepless night of pain and inability to walk normally. The EMTs arrived promptly and did an efficient job of hauling me to the hospital and later to Poplar for a CT scan.
The purpose of this letter is not to tell of my physical problem [pinched nerve], but to say what a positive experience it was. The personnel at Trinity Hospital from the office workers, nurses and on to the doctor were outstanding. There wasn’t a bad one in the bunch. They all knew what they were doing and were very pleasant to deal with.
Carolyn Pilgrim
Wolf Point

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