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Ducks Unlimited Banquet And Auction


The Ducks Unlimited annual banquet and auction serves as a fundraiser for the Wolf Point-Poplar Ducks Unlimited chapter to raise money for habitat conservation for waterfowl and over 900 other species of wildlife.

In the first picture, Terry Allmer pushes his sister Charlene in a camo chair down the center isle in the Elks Club ballroom during the live auction at the annual Wolf Point-Poplar Ducks Unlimited banquet Saturday, Sept. 14. Auctioneer Robert Toavs is in the background auctioning the chair. The son and daughter of Ducks Unlimited member Lee Allmer carried paintings and other auction items for everyone to see during the auction that included paintings, hunting equipment, crafts and other items. Many of the items up for auction were sponsored by merchants in Wolf Point, Poplar and Glasgow.  The second photo is Montana Ducks Unlimited regional director Barry Allen welcomes guests to the banquet.  The third and fourth pictures are people putting in their money for chances on bucket prizes.  Ducks Unlimited members Gary Johnson and Larry Corns are pictured.  The fifth photo is Ducks Unlimited member Kevin Buckles and Deanna Buckles selling chances to Pluck-A-Duck for a prize to Harlan Burshia and Elks Club manager Brandi Charette.  (Photos by John Plestina)

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Mentalist Mesmerizes Audience At The Elks


The first photo is mentalist and magician Paul Draper performing a magic trick with magic spoons with Sierra Hanks, who was pulled from the audience. Draper let Hanks keep a spoon used in the trick.during the Wolf Point Area Museum fundraiser at the Elks Club Friday, Nov. 13. The second picture is Kara Fosland blowing bubbles at the direction of Draper. He also pulled Fosland from the audience. (Photos by John Plestina)

The man who reaches into the minds of the people in his audiences and inspired The Mentalist TV series performed in the ballroom at the Wolf Point Elks Club for the second consecutive year Friday, Nov. 13, during the annual Wolf Point Museum Wine Tasting, Art Auction and Spaghetti Dinner.
Paul Draper brought a partially different mentalism and magic show to Wolf Point this year as he presented his “Mysteries of the Mind” show.
The interactive performance brings volunteers and Draper’s draftees to the stage for a mix of magic and mentalism. He observes some of the people and tells their thoughts to them and the audience.
Draper told jokes about the flight on the 10-passenger plane from Billings to Wolf Point. He said he was the heaviest person on the plane and was made the copilot.
“Three days ago, I was performing in the big city of San Francisco. Twelve days ago, I was performing in New York and now I’m in Wolf Point,” Draper said.
“The last time I came here to Wolf Point, it was negative 14 degrees,” he said.
The temperature was considerably warmer during the museum fundraiser this year.
Draper, 37, of Las Vegas, Nev., is a professional mentalist, magician, actor, filmmaker and anthropologist. He has been the house magician at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.
Before he chose mentalism and magic as his main career path, Draper, who is originally from a small town near Salt Lake City, Utah, was schooled in anthropology and has been an instructor and lecturer at Westminster College, Weber State University [Utah] and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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Northside School Presents First Quarter Awards


The first picture is Northside Principal Kathy Adkins throwing one of several Frisbees to students during the awards assembly Thursday, Nov. 12.  The second photo is some of the more than 190 students receiving awards giving the school cheer.  (Photos by John Plestina)

Northside Elementary School principal Kathy Adkins said, “Education is not a spectator sport,” during her welcoming message at the school’s first quarter awards assembly.
About 190 students received awards.
Sixth-grader Hamyanie Campbell was the only student named to the advanced honor roll.
Other awards were as follows.
Read And Respond
Fourth-Grade, 99 percent: Caden Adams, Joli Beston, Estella Big Leggins, Kevin Bigby, Logan Brown, Tristan Buckles, Mary Jane Burshia, Raymond Burshia, Jayceon Clark, Malachi Cloke, Sarah Dahl, Alex Dale, Jordan Davis, Aunene Denny, Damian Deserly, Xavion Dupree, Trever Durney, Delano Eymard, D.J. Fischer, Callie Flynn,
Katrina Follet, Callan Fox, Christopher Fox, Francis Good Track, Dante Granbois-Dionne, Sierra Hamilton, Trenton Hamilton, Walker Harmon, KeyShawn Jackson, Cale Jensen, Ezlina Johnston, Jasper Johnson, Kaylee Johnson, Dana Johnston, Larissa Johnston, Xavier Kemp-Vlasak, Vicente LaRoche, Jacob Lien, Delray Lilley, Ricco Mays, Geordy Medicine Cloud, Ka-
leah Miller-Toves, Cassidy Moccasin, Bree Nygaard, Athena Onstead, Charlie Page, Esiya Pipe, Sapphire Redfield, Maddox Reum, Arlene Riley, Garry Robinson, Kylie Rodenberg, Teanna Runs Through, Lindsey St. Germaine, Ryan Schumacher, Marques Small, Peyton Summers, Antonio Torrero, Ireland Vandall, Ruben Villalvazo, Brandi Vine, Mylan Wetsit, Kiona White-Jackson, Angel White Bull, Ashley Will and Aurora Winsor.
Fifth-Grade, 87 percent: Kerri Abraham, Dahmoniq Ahneman-Wolff, Jerzey Azure, Frank Baker, Savannah Baker, Ronaleen Benally, Trevin Boysun, Gaige Bushman, Logan Bushman-Corne, Shelica Deserly, Gage Ettner, Julianna Garfield, Trinniti Garrett, Marti Grandchamp, Presley Grandchamp, Sharon Jeffries, Trinity Keiser, Tatum Kemp, Rebekah Landsrud, Acacia La
Roche, Ameri Lorentz, Adrianna Macdonald, Katelyn MacDonald, Corey Martell, Jondel Moccasin, DeRay Peltier, Samantha Reed, Kraven Silk, Josephine Solberg-Hodges, Joseph Stiffarm, Matteo Villalvazo, Miracle Welch, Dylan Weston, Joshua Wetsit and Daijon Yellow Robe.
Sixth-Grade, 90 percent: Ashtin Azure, Rebekah Azure, Swaya Barrera, James Bear Eder, Jami Beston
Benjamin Boysun, Angel Burshia, Danny Burshia, Ca’Bell Cantrell, Hamyanie Campbell, Laykin Cantrell, Marcus Cloke, Alexandra Crawford, Raven Damon, Shastin Damon, Dean Davis, Jadin Dupree, Vanessa Durney, Kaelyn Flynn, Austin Fullerton, Abel Garfield, Mason Garfield, Kaylee Jackson, Scott Johnston, Stephanie Johnston, Leslie Keiser, Dylan Kirk, Myklynn Lewis, Alexander MacDonald, Kyler Main, Jayme Martell, Gracelyn Medicine Cloud, Ciera Michaelsen, Tia Nygard, Brendan Peterson, Shane St. Germaine, Daniel Sears, Krissyonna Spillman, Kholby Spotted Wolf, Jack Sprague, Emalee Vargas, Aryanna White Horse, Sarah Williamson and Devon Yellowrobe.
Perfect Attendance
Fourth-Grade: Joli Beston, Kevin Bigby, Mary Jane Burshia, Callan Fox, Sierra Hamilton, Kaylee Johnson, Dana Johnston, Larissa Johnston, Jacob Lien, Kaleah Miller-Toves, Bree Nygaard, Arlene Riley, Kylie Rodenberg, Ryan Schumacher, Ireland Vandall, Brandi Vine and Ashley Will.
Fifth-Grade: Frank Baker, Savannah Baker, Gaige Bushman, Julianna Garfield, Trinniti Garrett, Marti Grandchamp, Presley Grandchamp, Josephine Solberg-Hodges and Miracle Welch.
Sixth-Grade: Jami Beston, Benjamin Boysun, Danny Burshia, Hamyanie Campbell, Laykin Cantrell, Dean Davis, Kaelyn Flynn, Alexander MacDonald, Angalena MacDonald, Brendan Peterson and Jack Sprague.
Academic Effort
Fourth-Grade: Sarah Dahl, Jordan Davis, Sierra Hamilton, Dana Johnston, Ezlina Johnston, Xavier Kemp-Vlasak, Jacob Lien, Charles Page, Arlene Riley, Ireland Vandall, Brandi Vine and Kiona White-Jackson.
Fifth-Grade: Trevin Boysun, Tatum Kemp, Rebekah Landsrud, Adriana MacDonald, Corey Martell, Samantha Reed, Miracle Welch and Daijon Yellow Robe.
Sixth-Grade: Ashtin Azure, Rebekah Azure, Jonathon Baker, James Bear-Eder, Danny Burshia, Austin Fullerton, Mason Garfield, Scott Johnston, Stephanie Johnston, Alexander MacDonald, Kyler Main, Jayme Martell and Emalee Vargas.
Proficient Honor Roll
Fourth-Grade: Caden Adams, Joli Beston, Mary Jane Burshia, Delano
Eymard, Callie Flynn, Trenton Hamilton, Walker Harmon, Kaylee Johnson, Vicente LaRoche, Athena Onstead, Sapphire Redfield, Maddox Reum and Kylie Rodenberg.
Fifth-Grade: Jaeliyah Azure, Jerzey Azure, Savannah Baker, Gaige Bushman, Julianna Garfield, Sharon Jeffries, Acacia LaRoche, Ameri Lorentz, Katelyn MacDonald and Matteo Villalvazo.
Sixth-Grade: Jorey Azure, Jami Beston, Benjamin Boysun, Leslie Keiser, Dylan Kirk, Myklynn Lewis, Ciera Michaelsen, Tia Nygard, Brendan Peterson,  Daniel Sears, Krissyona Spillman, Jack Sprague and Aryanna White Horse.
Citizenship Award
Fourth-Grade: Mary Jane Burshia, Walker Harmon, Daniel Sears and Kylie Rodenberg.
Fifth-Grade: Jondel Moccasin, Jerzey Azure and JaFonda Big Leggins.
Sixth-Grade: Tia Nygard, Daniel Sears and Hamyanie Campbell.

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Lions Serve At Museum Fundraiser


The Wolf Point Lions Club caters the Wolf Point Museum Wine Tasting, Art Auction and Spaghetti Dinner at the Elks Club Friday, Nov. 13. Lion Jerald Petersen stirs spaghetti sauce.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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Election Canvass Changes Poplar Council Results


The Roosevelt County Clerk and Recorder’s election canvass Nov. 12 changed the results of the Poplar City Council election.
Clerk and recorder Cheryl Hansen completed the state-mandated canvass of the Nov. 3 municipal elections. She said vote totals have not changed in any of the communities, but there are eligibility issues with some people.
In Poplar, John Q. Grainger with 15 votes and Derrek Bridges with eight votes appeared to have both been elected to four-year council terms.
Grainger was disqualified because he has not lived in Poplar for a minimum of 60 days, according to Hansen. Bridges does qualify to serve on the council, she said.
Hansen said she sent letters to Bridges and Curry Kirn, who garnered six votes, informing both that they have won election to the council.
Also receiving six votes was Michael Dimas, who Hansen said was disqualified because he does not live within the city limits.
Others receiving votes for the two council positions were: Howard Azure, 5; Dallas O’Connor, 5; Charles Pollock, 5; Ward Dehner, 4; Greg Gourneau, 4; Rick Kirn, 3; Gary Sadler, 3; Billie Norgaard, 2; Frank Smith, 2; Rodney Standen, 2; Krystal Atkinson, 1; Arthur Baker, 1; Donovan Bridges, 1; Keith Erickson, 1; Patricia E. Iron Cloud, 1; Kevin Kennaugh, 1; Robert Macannally, 1; John Morales, 1; Griffin Ricker, 1; Kenneth Trottier Jr., 1; and Marjorie Youpee, 1.
In Wolf Point’s ward 2, which is the south side west from Third Avenue South, Bill Juve was the highest vote-getter with two write-in votes. He had not sought election and said neither of the write-in votes were from himself or his wife. He has not said whether he would serve on the council.
Karen Babcock, Dave Brownlee and Susan D. Johnson each received one write-in vote for the ward 2 seat.
“Who ever gets the most votes gets a letter. If they don’t accept it, the city will probably have to appoint somebody,” Hansen said.
The remainder of the Wolf Point council results were as follows.
In ward 1, incumbent Laurie Evans was reelected to a four-year position unopposed with 24 votes. Plestina, who was appointed to the other ward 1 seat in September, was elected to a two-year position unopposed with three write-in votes.
In ward 3, incumbent Craig Rodenberg was unopposed and reelected to a four-year position with 129 votes.
In ward 4, incumbent Judy Page was unopposed and reelected to a four-year position with 104 votes.
In Bainville, Scott Ross elected to a four-year term unopposed with 22 votes.
In Brockton, Rae Jean Belgarde defeated Rodney Burshia 6-2 for a four-year term, and Gregory J. Brugh Jr., defeated Stacy Stangland 6-1.
In Culbertson, W. Bruce Houle was reelected in ward 1 unopposed with 35 votes and Jaimee Green was elected unopposed from ward 2 with 52 votes.
In Froid, Gregg Labatte and Gale Strandlund were elected to four-year terms with 48 and 47 votes respectively.
Low Turnout
Voter turnouts were low with Froid delivering the highest percentage to polls with 54 percent, the highest of any community in Roosevelt County.
In contrast, the voter turnout in Poplar was 17 percent and 10 percent in Brockton.
Hansen reported a 30 percent voter turnout for Wolf Point, with the highest turnouts on the north side with 44 percent in ward 3 and 40 percent in ward 4. On the south side, 19 percent of ward 1 voters cast mail-in ballots and just 6 percent from ward 2.
The voter turnout was 27 percent in Bainville and 26 percent in Culbertson.

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