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Sepanski Sentencing Continued In Attempt To Retrieve Stolen Jewelry

A Wolf Point couple made emotional pleas in 15th District Court, Wednesday, Nov. 12, for a man facing sentencing for stealing from their home to return a wedding ring and other irreplaceable jewelry.
First Cynthia Berglee and then her husband Milton Berglee appealed during testimonies for Jeremy Thomas Sepanski to reveal the locations of their heirlooms.
Judge David Cybulski continued the sentencing hearing until Wednesday, Dec. 10, in an attempt to get the Berglee’s jewelry returned to them.
Sepanski, 30, of Plentywood testified that he was 95 percent sure he could get the jewelry back.
Milton Berglee testified that Sepanski had been a friend of his son and that he and his wife had treated him like family.
“Even my worst enemies don’t steal my wedding ring on me. Even my enemies aren’t that bad,” Berglee said. “We want our stuff back.”
Sepanski testified that he takes full responsibility for his actions. He asked Cybulski to issue a suspended sentence so he could resume his life. Sepanski said he wants to return to working in the oilfields, and if he is allowed to, he could make larger restitution payments.
He owes for restitution to at least two banks for forged, stolen checks he is alleged to have cashed.
Sepanski has another case against him in Plentywood.
“There is a pending matter in Sheridan County, where I believe the stuff is,” defense attorney J.B. Wheatcroft of Miles City said.
Cybulski continued the sentencing hearing until Wednesday, Dec. 10, while law enforcement in Sheridan County attempt to retrieve the stolen jewelry.
“These folks really want their stuff back,” Cybulski said.
He told Sepanski that if the jewelry is recovered, it could be a good thing for him.
Sepanski withdrew not guilty pleas he had entered earlier this year and pleaded guilty to forgery, burglary and forgery by common scheme during a hearing in August.
Sepanski is accused of illegally entering the Berg-lee’s house in Wolf Point when no one was home Jan. 20, stealing checks and jewelry, and attempting to cash the checks in a store in Froid.

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Brockton Woman Charged With DUI After Abandoning Wrecked Van

A Brockton woman, who the Montana Highway Patrol said was drunk and abandoned a van she had rolled, has been charged with DUI and several other violations.
The Chevrolet van was left wrecked sometime early Sunday, Nov. 16. It is believed to have been there for some time before a MHP trooper drove past.
“I was on patrol and saw it sitting there,” MHP trooper Derek Werner said. “It was an unreported crash. No one was there.”
Werner said the van had been southbound on Montana Secondary Hwy. 344, crossed U.S. Hwy. 2 and went off the east side of the roadway where Hwy. 344 turns into BIA Route 1, just south of Brockton. He said the van struck a telephone pole and phone service box, and rolled one complete rotation.
The owner of the van, a Brockton man, was identified by the license plate number and contacted. The owner told Werner that his daughter had been driving his van.
Werner said the man’s daughter was still under the influence of alcohol when he contacted her.
The MHP identified the driver as Samantha Boyd, 25. She was cited for DUI and four additional charges for driving with no driver’s license, no insurance, failure to report an accident and refusal to take a sobriety test.

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Trowbridge Pleads Guilty To Assault On Officer

The Wolf Point man who is accused of hitting a Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office detention officer multiple times after being jailed on misdemeanor charges withdrew a previously entered not guilty plea and pleaded guilty to a single felony charge of assault on a peace officer in 15th District Court Wednesday, Nov. 12.
Kaylob Joseph Trowbridge, 22, has been lodged in the Roosevelt County Jail since Aug. 12, held on $100,000 bail.
Judge David Cybulski found him guilty. A pre-sentencing report was ordered.
Trowbridge is accused in charging documents of assaulting a detention officer shortly after being brought to the county jail for arrest processing more than three months ago.
Undersheriff John Summers said the officer was punched and head butted.
A Wolf Point Police Department officer had taken Trowbridge to the jail after arresting him on the 800 block of West Blaine Street on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. He is alleged by the WPPD to have been told to leave Town Pump at least twice earlier the same day and is accused of damaging several shelves in the convenience store after being told to leave the last time.

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Taylor Sentencing Delayed Pending Mental Health Evaluation

A sentencing for Amber Dawn Taylor, 29, of Wolf Point was continued until Wednesday, Dec. 10, when she appeared in 15th District Court before Judge David Cybulski Wednesday, Nov. 12.
Probation and Parole officer Pam Heikens of Glasgow testified that Taylor should be ordered to substance abuse treatment as part of her sentence and asked Cybulski to delay imposition of sentence until an evaluation is completed by Eastern Montana Community Mental Health Center.
A plea agreement calls for Taylor to be placed into the custody of the Montana Department of Corrections for five years with three years suspended and a recommendation for long-term treatment at Elkhorn Treatment Center, a 47-bed residential treatment-based correctional facility in western Montana serving women, most of which are in DOC custody.
Taylor, who was arrested twice on drug charges, withdrew ‘not guilty’ pleas on five charges and pleaded guilty to felony criminal possession of dangerous drugs under a plea agreement where four charges were dismissed in 15th District Court Wednesday, Aug. 13.
Earlier this year, Taylor pleaded not guilty to possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence of drugs, driving while privilege is suspended or revoked and driving with no insurance, second or subsequent offense.
The first arrest came after a Wolf Point Police officer and a Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice drug investigator jointly stopped a car Taylor was driving at the corner of Idaho Street and Sixth Avenue South on Sept. 23, 2013.
The charging documents allege that the officers found crystal methamphetamine, marijuana, paraphernalia, more than 40 small plastic bags, a packaging device and other contraband in the car.
She was charged nearly a year ago with criminal possession with intent to distribute and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
Taylor was free on bond when a Montana Highway Patrol trooper arrested her a second time after a traffic stop at the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 2 and Second Avenue North in Wolf Point on March 28. Three passengers were in her vehicle.
According to charging documents, the MHP trooper stated that Taylor smelled of burnt marijuana and that she admitted having a suspended driver’s license and no insurance.
The trooper seized several syringes, 98 small plastic jewelry bags, marijuana, a marijuana pipe and other paraphernalia, according to documentation from the court, that also alleges that one of the syringes contained a liquid that tested positive for methamphetamine.
Taylor pleaded not guilty to possession of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence, driving while privilege is suspended or revoked and driving with no insurance, second or subsequent offense.

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Roosevelt County Jail Roster For Nov. 20

(Editor’s Note: The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster each week with charges and communities of residence to The Herald-News and The Searchlight to help keep the public informed and to illustrate that the jail has been dealing with overcrowding issues in the 17-bed facility.)
As of Monday, Nov. 17, 16 inmates were housed in the Roosevelt County Jail. Valley County Detention Center was holding two female inmates and the Fort Benton Detention Center was holding three males to alleviate overcrowding.
The RCSO reported that the following individuals were incarcerated at the jail between Tuesday, Nov. 11, and Monday, Nov. 17:
•Adam Alonzo, 31, Williston, N.D./San Bernadino, Calif., criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell.
•Malinda Bibb, 31, Minot, N.D., arrested on a warrant for bail condition violation, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
•Edwin Falcon, 55, Poplar, arrested on a federal warrant. Transferred to federal custody.
•Kyle Fuchs, 32, Cul-
bertson, disorderly conduct, partner family member assault, assault with weapon, unlawful restraint, criminal endangerment.
•Steven Gray Hawk, 37, Poplar, arrested on  U.S. Marshal’s warrant.
•Geoff Hagadone, 43, Poplar, partner, family member assault and endangering the welfare of children.
•Dylan Hebberlman, 21, Havre, arrested by Roo-sevelt County deputies on Blaine County warrant. Extradited to Blaine County.  
•Alexander Jirone, 33, Rapid City, S.D., criminal endangerment, fleeing or eluding a peace officer, speeding on non-interstate-exceed night speed limit, operating with expired registration, operating without liability insurance.
•Jennifer Johnshoy, 29, Crookston, Minn., criminal possession of dangerous drugs and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
•Gary Jones, 44, Madisonville, Tenn., assault on a peace officer.
•Dakota Kinzie, 23, Wolf Point, assault on a peace officer.
•Dustin Kinzie, 20, Wolf Point, criminal production/manufacture of dangerous drugs, criminal endangerment, criminal possession with intent to distribute, criminal endangerment.
•Jason Knight, 37, Spokane, Wash., criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.
•Darryl Lewis, 45, San Bernadino, Calif., criminal contempt warrant.
•Robert Lindquist,  Chattoroy, Wash., 41, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.
•Anthony Miller, 22, Wolf Point, serving 48-hour sentence.
•Timothy Oglesby, 31, Hot Springs, Ark., out-of- county warrant.
•Michelle Parker, 41, San Diego, Calif., arrested on bench warrant.
•Derek Reed, 32, Seattle, Wash., criminal contempt warrant.
•Jeremy Sepanski, 30, Plentywood, forgery, theft, obstruction of a peace officer.
•Kaylob Trowbridge, 22, Wolf Point, assault on a peace officer.

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