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Museum Addition Construction Starts


Construction of a new building adjacent to the Wolf Point Museum began last week. The new building will house antique automobiles, trucks and tractors. It will be ready before the museum reopens in the spring for the 2015 season.    (Photo by John Plestina)

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Meeting In Vida Next Week On Wind Farm Proposal

A public meeting addressing the proposed Sand Creek Winds wind farm in northern McCone County will be held at Vida Elementary School, Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 5 p.m.
The Western Area Power Administration is preparing an environmental assessment to address potential environmental impacts of the proposed 75-MW wind farm that would connect to the existing Wolf Point to Circle 115-kV transmission line that is located about 18 miles from Wolf Point.
The Western Area Power Administration markets and delivers hydroelectric power and related services within a 15-state region of the central and western United States.

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Books ‘n’ Babies


The Roosevelt County Library’s Books ‘n’ Babies program continues Nov. 6 and 20 and Dec. 4 and 18 from 10:30 to 11 a.m. on each date. Pictured at left are Andrea Baker with her twins, Braylee and Brenden, 20 months; library employee Janet Livingston dressed as a witch; and Bethany Hall with Alaina, 5, Adalyn, 4, Alla, 2, and Asher, 4 months.   (Photo by John Plestina)

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Mississippi River Bakken Crude Spill Noted At LEPC Meeting

Roosevelt County Disaster and Emergency Services director Dan
Sietsema presented an article to the Local Emergency Planning Committee, Tuesday, Oct. 14, about an accident on the Mississippi River involving a barge carrying Bakken crude oil.
The monthly LEPC was held at the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office.
According to the minutes of the meeting,
Sietsema noted high levels of benzene in the crude, measuring 40.2 parts per million with federal OSHA standards set at 5.0 as the recommended safety level. Sietsema added that the MSDS sheet for Bakken oil is 17 pages long.
That accident near New Orleans, La., in February occurred when a tank barge collided with a tow boat, spilling some 31,500 gallons of Bakken crude into the river, resulting in the closure of a 65-mile stretch of river, according to several online reports.

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Food Pantry Takes Huge Step Toward Opening In Wolf Point

A lease has been signed by Fort Peck Tribes and Food Pantry, Inc. for the old “Boys and Girls Club” at 502 Main St.
The Food Pantry steering committee will be developing a detailed plan to ready the building for business. The steering committee consists of Billie Brownlee, Winona Runs-above Meyer, Roxanne Gourneau and Rose Neumiller Green.  They will be reaching out to all aspects of the community for more members and many volunteers.
It is planned that the food pantry will reach out to all those in need around Wolf Point and nearby communities. Watch for periodical articles with the  type of volunteers and supplies that may be needed.
If you have any questions, call Rose at 650-5667.

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