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2015 Stampede Parade Winners Announced

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Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede Committee has announced the winners for the three-day Stampede/Wolf Point Centennial parade.
In the horse and rider category, the grand overall winner was the Holen family and wagon.
Adult cowgirl: Jolene Kirn, first; Angela Berglee, second; and Hanna Obertholt, third.
Adult costume: Kaitlyn Jamieson, first.
Youth cowgirl: Harley Berg, first; Savannah Giles, second; and Tara Sanders, third.
Family: Holen family, first; and Casterline family, second.
Hitches and wagons: Loren Bisbee, first.
In the floats category, the grand overall winner was Roosevelt County Council on Aging.
Best novelty: Catholic Hamburger Stand, first; Wally Sexton, second; Herd Bull, third; Sethres, fourth.
Best youth: Nickwall Farms, first and second places awarded.
Best youth organization: Wolf Point Sports, first; Youth Basketball, second; and City Rocks, third.
Best adult organization: Wolf Point Lions Club, first; Boyd’s, second.
Best commercial: Sherman Inn, first; Western Bank, second; Armstrong Construction, third; Eddy Bauer Sales, fourth.
Best civic or political organization: Roosevelt County Council on Aging, first; NEMHS, second.

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Sheriff, Deputies Get New Uniforms, Patches


Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office undersheriff John Summers (left) and detention officer Brian Nelson model their new uniforms.   The second picture is the new patch at left the the old patch.  (Photo by John Plestina)

Sheriff Jason Frederick has implemented a few changes during his first year in office that include new uniforms and redesigned patches.
Frederick and all uniformed officers and jail staff changed from the traditional brown sheriff’s uniforms to black shirts and khaki pants on July 1.
Some wear black polo shirts during summer months.
Undersheriff John Summers said the new uniforms have been well received by deputies and the public.
The only concern expressed by staff has been black shirts during hot months.
“They said, ‘It’s black. It’s going to be hot,” Summers said.
Along with the change to black shirts and khaki pants came a redesign of the shoulder patches all members of the department wear.
The decision to change the uniforms came after Frederick and Summers attended a conference in Great Falls earlier this year.
“We saw how Cascade County changed their uniforms to black shirts and tan pants and liked the more professional appearance,” Summers said.
Frederick held a contest for all schools across Roosevelt County to design a new patch. The winning design was by Poplar High School student Angel Boyd.  

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Wolf Point Elks To Host Their First State Convention

The Wolf Point Elks Lodge No. 1764 will host the Montana State Elks Association summer convention for the first time in Wolf Point Thursday through Saturday, July 16-18.
The annual convention has been held in Glasgow and Sidney in recent years, but never before in Wolf Point. The local lodge hosted a mid-winter state Elks meeting during the 1980s.
More than 100 Elks from all parts of Montana and national Elks representatives are converging on Wolf Point.
Elks 2015-2016 Grand Exalted Ruler Ron Hicks of Fredericksburg, Va., will attend the convention in Wolf Point.
One highlight of the convention will be the installation of Wolf Point Lodge No. 1764 exalted ruler and The Herald-News publisher Darla Downs as Montana State Elks Association president on Saturday at 1 p.m. The installation is open to the public.
All other activities are only open to Elks and their guests.

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School Board Splits Copier Contracts Between Local And Non-Local Providers

The question of whether the Wolf Point School District should award copier equipment and service contracts to a local company or an out-of-state provider with its nearest office nearly 200 miles from Wolf Point resulted in district trustees awarding contracts to both companies during the monthly school board meeting Monday, July 13.
On May 28, the school board voted unanimously to rescind its April vote approving five-year copier lease agreements for Southside and Northside elementary schools, the junior high/high school and district office with Marco Inc. for copier services that include equipment, service, purchase and delivery of initial supplies, installation and training. That contract was not put out to bid. The board on Monday voted to advertise and solicit sealed bids for copier services.
Marco Inc., is a St. Cloud, Minn.,-headquartered company with offices in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.
The bids were within a few dollars for Will’s Office World of Wolf Point to provide Canon equipment and Marco to supply Sharp equipment.
For Southside School, Will’s bid $1,285 monthly and Marco bid $1.85 more. Will’s bid was $1,300 monthly for the junior high and high school while Marco was a little more than $2 higher. For the district office, Will’s was $54 higher at $541.
Both offered Hewlett-Packard equipment for Northside School at a rate of $255 by Wills. Marco bid was more than $11 higher.
Gaffaney’s Total Office Source of Williston, N.D., has provided copiers and service.
Superintendent Gary Scott said the quality of service and how quickly it could be provided was important.
“Our superintendent hit it right on the head,” trustee Corey Reum said.
Marco representatives at the school board meeting said their company would provide service from Williston, however, Marco’s website shows Dickinson, N.D., as the nearest office to Wolf Point. Will’s is a local business in Wolf Point.
A Marco representative said his company’s average response time is three hours.
Wolf Point Junior High/High School principal Kim Hanks said she feels confident with Marco as the provider.
Will’s owner Rollin Paulson said the general response time is no later than the afternoon when a call for service comes in the morning and the next morning if the call is in the afternoon.
When asked how long it would take to repair or replace a machine with a major problem, Marco responded that it would not happen overnight. Marco also responded that a loaner copier could be provided, but that also might not be overnight.
Paulson said he has had a 31-year relationship with Canon and could get loaner equipment in place in a short time.
“I do stock these machines in the store,” he said.
Paulson also said if there was a major issue that local service technicians might not be able to address, Canon would fly people to assist with the situation to Wolf Point from Irvine, Calif., if he requested them.
“One of the main things I would like to address is I would hate to see dollars leave the community, leave the state,” Paulson told the school board.
He said most of his employees graduated from WPHS.
The board followed administration recommendations and awarded separate five-year contracts to Will’s for Northside and Southside elementary schools and the district office. The trustees offered the junior high/high school contract to Marco, also for 60 months.

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School Board Revisits Bus Driver Raises

Recently granted pay raises to $20 hourly for Wolf Point School activity bus drivers came under scrutiny by district trustees during the monthly school board meeting Monday, July 13.
The board granted the raises June 9 for drivers taking students to away activities including athletics, band and theater arts. The trustees intent was to retain drivers.
“The board might not have thought it out very well,” board chair Mark Kurokawa said.
He said drivers would be on the clock from the time they arrive at work, during the time they spend driving to out-of-town events, during all of their downtime including overnight stays, until they return to Wolf Point.
The state track meet in Kalispell in May, which was four days away, was sited as an example.
Kurokawa said the board should consider paying flat fees, lower downtime hourly wages or something different than $20 per hour for the time drivers are not behind the wheel.
Board vice chair Brandon Babb said $20 per hour for short trips should remain in place. He said drivers should not receive minimum wage for downtime in Poplar — that could be four hours — which would defeat the board’s purpose of approving the $20 rate.
The board will revisit driver wages during the August meeting.
In other business, the board voted to ratify the one-year collective bargaining contract with the Wolf Point Education Association, the union represents teachers. The approval was tabled from the June 25 meeting because the board had questions.
In another matter, the trustees approved establishing a new account to manage funds for the Wolf Point Invitational basketball tournament.
The board also approved the hiring of several people pending satisfactory background checks.
They are: Meili Baker, Southside School preschool teacher; Margie Warby, preschool paraprofessional; Laura Ricker, special education paraprofessional; Cheryl Conaway, Northside School instructional paraprofessional; and Karen Ley, Northside special education teacher.
In other business, the board delayed action on several proposed policies pending the scrutiny by the district’s policy committee for recommendations. Adoption of some of the policies is mandatory. Others are recommended by the Montana School Board Association and optional to the district.
The board approved the Southside School student handbook after discussing the possibility of first referring approval to the policy committee.
The board also held a 15-minute closed executive session to address a possible employee termination. In open session, the trustees voted unanimously to terminate the employment of a Southside School custodian.
The board will hold a special meeting Monday, July 27, to address approval of hirings of additional teachers and possibly proposed policies.
The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 10.

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