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Letter About The Jail Bond

Dear Editor:
The county commissioners are planning several presentations [that began Tuesday, Oct. 14] on the need for a new jail and upgrade to the existing building. This issue was on the primary ballot, but it failed due to voter turnout so they were fully aware of the need.
Then, they took $455,000 a year that could have been used on the jail to give themselves and others a second generous pay raise. They had already received a cost of living raise.
The bond request for the jail is a 20-year deal and the almost $12 million needed is only an estimate at this time. The money the commissioners removed from the operating budget over 20 years amounts to $9.1 million. The second raise they approved is ongoing as long as the oil severance tax remains stable at the current level or increases. However, the commissioners have the sole power to change the use of this money.
If the need for a new jail was and remains so critical, why wasn’t this $455,000 put toward that use?
The Montana Code Annotated 15-36-332 (3) states in part: “... oil and natural gas production taxes for each county must be used for the exclusive use and benefit of the county.”
Was a raise for a privileged few the best use of our tax dollars or should it have gone to more pressing needs? The three county commissioners must have thought so.
Bill Juve
Wolf Point

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Wolf Point High School To Participate In Statewide College Application Week

The Office of Commissioner of Higher Education, along with the Office of Public Instruction and the Governor’s Office is pleased to support Montana’s College Application Week, and Wolf Point High School will participate in events held Nov. 3-7.
The goal of the week is to assist all seniors as they apply to some type of postsecondary educational option, including certificate programs, two-year degree programs and four-year degree programs.
During Montana College Application Week, students at Wolf Point High School will participate in a variety of college awareness activities, including applying for college admission and a FAFSA Information Night on Monday, Nov. 3, at 6 p.m.
With the help of school and community volunteers, seniors will complete applications, with the goal of 100 percent of the senior class submitting applications by the end of the week.
Montana College Application Week is coordinated by Montana GEAR-UP of the Montana University System, in collaboration with a steering committee representing the K-12 community, community based organizations, and all sectors of Montana’s higher education system.
For more information, visit www.mus.edu/gearup/caw.asp.
Contact Keri Sansaver, Wolf Point High School counselor, or Erin Fosland, Wolf Point School District GEAR-UP liaison, for more information.

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Dupree Indicted On Firearms Charge

A man serving a sentence for a drug violation in the Fort Peck Tribes jail in Poplar was taken into federal custody, Wednesday, Sept. 24, following a federal indictment.
A federal grand jury indicted Landon Thomas Dupree, 29, for felon in possession of a firearm in U.S. District Court in Billings, Thursday, Sept. 18.
He was arraigned in Great Falls a few days later, where he pleaded not guilty. He is being held in federal custody.
The charging documents allege that Dupree knowingly possessed a firearm in Poplar last Jan. 11. According to the court document, Dupree was previously convicted of a felony in North Dakota that carries a prison term in excess of one year.
Dupree, if convicted, is facing a maximum of 10 years imprisonment, a $250,000 fine and three years supervised release.

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Sold-Out NEMHS Charitable Foundation Gala Profits $46,000


Cathy Wanderaas (from left), Hunter Reinhart, Cheryl Hansen, Melanie Dschaak, Mikela Smith, Ann Wienke, Lynne Monson and Sharon Dschaak enjoyed the festivities at the Spikes and Spurs Gala.   (Submitted photo)

Hours of planning, organizing and decorating for the largest fundraising event of the year for Northeast Montana Health Services’ Charitable Foundation paid off. Blend it with the dedication of a community that cares about the quality of their local healthcare, and who gives graciously to the cause time and time again, and that is a recipe for success.
This year, the 10th anniversary Spikes and Spurs Gala was one for the record books. Held Saturday, Sept. 27, at the American Legion Supper Club in Poplar, the sold-out evening was an overwhelming success, raising more money than ever before.
This year’s fundraising event proved to be the largest grossing Gala in its 10-year history, with a profit of $46,000 for the evening.
“With this success, the foundation is able to fulfill its pledge of buying two battery-powered patient cots for the emergency medical services department for both hospital campuses,” said Beth Pickthorn, executive director for the foundation. The total cost comes to just under $35,000. The excess profit will be used to help cover operating expenses for the foundation.
This year’s theme for the event was “An Evening in the Wild West” and incorporated rustic decor of babies’ breath-filled mason jars, horseshoes, wagon wheels and burlap. Attendees dressed in time-appropriate attire with men “moseying in” wearing cowboy hats and spurs, while women wore saloon and western-styled dresses.
Throughout the evening, various fundraiser tickets were sold and winners announced. One new drawing this year included a “Wine Cellar Raffle.” Attendees brought a bottle of wine and in return for the bottle, they received a  ticket. The lucky winner of the 67 bottles of wine was Micha Norgaard, of Poplar. Keeping with tradition, the foundation continued with their 50/50 drawing in which the winner receives $5,000. This year, the winning ticket belonged to Glena Lockman of Billings.
Since early April, the foundation had also been selling Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament tickets for the January event. The winner was announced at Gala as Chris Gorder of Poplar. Other winners included Josie Dahlberg of Brockton who won two tickets to the December National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nev. Gun drawing winners included Peg Norgaard of Poplar, winning a rifle, and Mike Cassidy of Wolf Point, winning a pistol.
After months of planning, the milestone evening celebration began with mingling, appetizers, browsing and bidding on over 35 silent auction items. While dining on their three-course meal, prepared by culinary associates from Food Services of America, guests enjoyed a high energy singing and dancing performance from the “Belles of the West.”
“The harmonious ensemble added the perfect blend of comedy and spectator interaction and really kept the crowd entertained,” said Stephanie McGowan, gala committee chairperson. The local group of performers included Lynne Monson, Cathy Wanderaas, Sharon Dschaak, Melanie Dschaak, Hunter Reinhart, Mikela Smith, Ann Wienke and Cheryl Hansen.
Rounding out the evening was an innovative tribute to the music of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three performed by The Cold Hard Cash Show of Missoula. Fronted by guitarist and singer Merle Travis Peterson, the entertainers brought to life the classic Cash songs. Guests were absorbed into watching bass fiddler Ryan Yates perform while standing on his bass fiddle, with Fel Torres keeping step with the ensemble on the drums.
“I think the guests were delighted to have such a great band, show and overall Gala experience. The evening created a lasting memory for everyone involved and even more importantly, will impact our community’s access to quality emergency care through their attendance and generosity,” Pickthorn said.

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Roosevelt County Jail Roster For Oct. 16

(Editor’s Note: The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office distributes an inmate roster each week with charges and communities of residence to The Herald-News and The Searchlight to help keep the public informed and to illustrate that the jail has been dealing with overcrowding issues in the 17-bed facility.)
As of Tuesday, Oct. 14, 13 inmates were housed in the Roosevelt County Jail. Valley County Detention Center was holding two female inmates and the Fort Benton Detention Center was holding one male to alleviate overcrowding.
The RCSO reported that the following individuals were incarcerated at the jail between Tuesday, Oct. 7 and Tuesday, Oct. 14:
•Adam Alonzo, 31, Williston, N.D./San Bernadino, Calif., criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell;
•Malinda Bibb, 31, Minot, N.D., arrested on a warrant for bail condition violation, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Brandon Bigham, 30, Minot, N.D., criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to sell; criminal possession of dangerous drugs;
•Scott Crain, 27 Froid, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia, obstructing a peace officer and misdemeanor criminal mischief;
•Kyle Crush, 51, Bain-ville, driving while suspended and driving without insurance, bonded out;  
•Kyle Fuchs, 32, Cul-
bertson, disorderly conduct, partner family member assault, assault with weapon, unlawful restraint, criminal endangerment;
•Gary Jones, 44, Madisonville, Tenn., assault on a peace officer;
•Jason Knight, 37, Spokane, Wash., criminal possession of drug paraphernalia;
•Timothy Oglesby, 31, Hot Springs, Ark., out-of-county warrant;
•Julie Olson, 41, Boise, Idaho, Driving under the influence, bonded out;
•Jeremy Sepanski, 30, Plentywood, forgery, theft, obstruction of a peace officer;
•Kelly Severson, 47, Saco, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of dangerous drugs with intent to distribute, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia;
•William Earl Thomas, 31, Bakersfield, Calif., failure to drive on the right side of roadway; driving while suspended, driving while suspended or revoked, bonded out;
•Kalob Trowbridge, 22, Wolf Point, assault on a peace officer;
•Scott Varner, 22, Crawfordville, Fla., criminal possession with intent to distribute;
•Hilrio Velasquez, 33, Riverside, Calif., possession of dangerous drugs, criminal possession of drug paraphernalia.

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