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Northside Elementary Students Receive Academic Awards


Northside Elementary School sixth-graders who received the Presidential Award of Educational Excellence were (from left to right) Jed Boysun, Nick Page, Bryor Smith, Journey Erickson and Gabby Hansen.   (Photos by John Plestina)


Northside Elementary School sixth-graders who received the Presidential Award of Educational Achievement were (from left to right) Hannah Steele, Sammy Brunelle, Lindsay Nefzger, Daniel Kuszmaul and Alex Sutton. Randy Russette, Jacob Weinberger and Annabella White Horse are not pictured.    

The largest number of Northside Elementary School sixth-graders to receive the Presidential Academic Award in four years were awarded Thursday, June 5.
Fourteen students in the sixth grade class, which is 20 percent, qualified.
Five of the 14 earned the Gold Excellence Award. They are: Nick Page, Bryor Smith, Gabreal Hansen, Jed Boyson and Journey Erickson.
Nine students earned the silver achievement award: Randy Russette, Daniel Kuszmaul, Lindsay Nefzger, Alexandrea Sutton, Hannah Steele, Samantha Brunelle, Jacob Weinberger, Annabella White Horse and Devin Azure.
Those 14 students are advanced more than a grade level above sixth grade proficiency in scores on both math and reading state assessments. They have demonstrated the same level of proficiency in the classroom.
Principal Hannah Nieskens read a letter from President Barack Obama recognizing the students academic achievement.
“This is the most awards we have given out at Northside,” Nieskens said. “We’ve never had more than five, so 14 kids in one class is really amazing.”

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Kindles For Kids



Masonic Loyalty Lodge No. 121 of Wolf Point and the Montana Masonic Foundation donated 10 Kindle e-readers to Northside Elementary School students. The Kindles were awarded by a drawing Thursday, June 5, the last day of school. The donation of the Kindles recognizes student dedication to reading. Pictured are (front row, from left to right) Ben Boysun, Laykin Cantrell, Roberto Bearhill, (second row) Jayme Martell, Jaylen Aguilar, Bryor Smith, Dean Davis and Alex Follet. Wolf Point Police Chief and Lodge No. 121 secretary-treasurer Jeff Harada is in back. Kindle recipient Sierra Barrera is not pictured.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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Perfect Attendance


Northside Elementary School students who had perfect attendance this past year were honored Thursday, June 5, the last day of school. Pictured are (from left to right): Daniel Sears, fourth grade; Jack Sprague, fourth grade; Tyressa Pretty On Top, fourth grade; and Tia Owens, sixth grade.
(Photo by John Plestina)

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First Dollar Award



Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Executive Secretary Kelly Cranford (at right) presents the First Dollar Award to Get Polished owner Crystal Markus. Angela Fields (at left) is the first employee of the new business that opened April 21. Great Northern Development Corporation helped Markus with her business plan. Get Polished does acrylics and artificial nails. It is located on U.S. Highway 2, across the street from the Wolf Point Museum.                    (Photo by John Plestina)

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Feed For Code Talkers Honoring


During the recent honoring of the Fort Peck Code Talkers in Poplar, the Fort Peck Community College Blue Stone Indian Club and Culture Committee prepared one bison from Yellowstone National Park and one steer for the event. A pit was dug and the roasts were wrapped in tin foil and chicken wire, then set on top of red, hot coals for 24 hours. Boiled meat stew and frybread were also served.  (Submitted photo)

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