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Former Poplar Superintendent Seeks $6.5 Million In Damages

One month after the Poplar School board placed its district superintendent on administrative leave, Dr. Kim Harding filed a lawsuit against the Poplar School District seeking $6.5 million in damages.
Harding filed her suit with Roosevelt County Superintendent of Schools Jeri Toavs on June 15, the first required step of what could be a lengthy process. A hearing will be scheduled.
The next step if Harding is not satisfied with the results of a hearing would be to appeal to the Montana Office of Public Instruction. She is required to jump through those hoops before she can take her suit into the courts.
“It’s been turned over to legal counsel and they will be doing all of our talking on it,” new Poplar School superintendent Jim Baldwin said.
“It’s a long process,” he said.
Baldwin could not comment further.
Poplar School District trustees placed Harding on administrative leave on May 14 and later bought out her contract for $95,000. Harding had held the school district’s top post since the beginning of the school year.
Harding alleges in her suit that the school district wrongfully terminated her and damaged her reputation.
Harding’s removal by school trustees came after a petition asking the district to remove her was reported to have circulated in Poplar. That followed the Fort Peck Tribes Executive Board voting 9-1 on April 27 to banish Harding from the reservation.
Numerous allegations alleged issues with Harding not getting along with teachers and she was accused of referring to several Poplar teachers as “renegades” in an email dated March 6. A Poplar teacher publicized the email from Harding on March 11.
Harding was taken to task because of historical uses of the word “renegade” that are considered offensive by Native Americans.
Harding told The Herald-News in early May that the email was portrayed in the press [not in The Herald-News] as racist in nature and described situations that had been happening at staff meetings.

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Stampede And Centennial Pictures

7.16.15.ART-IN-PARK 8610-WEB7.16.15.ART-IN-PARK 8613-WEB7.16.15.CATHOLIC-BURGERS 8590-WEB7.16.15.GOOD-NEIGHBOR-DAYS 8673-WEB7.16.15.GOOD-NEIGHBOR-DAYS 8686-WEB7.16.15.GUNFIGHTERS 8752-WEB7.16.15.GUNFIGHTERS 8756-WEB7.16.15.HUMAN-STAMPEDE 8599-WEB7.16.15.STREET-DANCE 8594-WEB7.16.15.STREET-DANCE 8592-WEB


These pictures are an assortment of Stampede and Wolf Point Centennial events between Wednesday, July 8 and Saturday, July 11. (Photos by John Plestina)

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KVCK Country Showdown And Dance

7.16.15.SHOWDOWN 8030-WEB7.16.15.SHOWDOWN 7996-WEB7.16.15.SHOWDOWN 7982-WEB7.16.15.SHOWDOWN-DANCE 8043-WEB

Wolf Point Centennial celebration and Wild Horse Stampede kicked off Wednesday, July 8, with a barbecue, KVCK Country Showdown and a dance with Ryan Crys and the Roughcuts from Colorado. The top three in the  Country Showdown were (from left to right) Natasha Richter of Butte, third; Al Bets His Medicine of Poplar, second; and Pieter VanHeerden from South Africa and currently of Wolf Point, first.  The second picture is contestants and sisters Mikela and Alissa Smith of Wolf Point.  The third photo is Al Bets His Medicine of Poplar.  The last picture is Hardy and JaeDee Braaten cutting the rug, or actually the grass, at the dance.  (Photos by John Plestina)

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2015 Stampede Parade Winners Announced

7.16.15.PARADE-OF-FLOATS 8264-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-OF-FLOATS 8516-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-FRI 8433-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-FRI 8464-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-FRI 8481-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-FRI 8490-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-OF-FLOATS 8509-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-OF-FLOATS 8517-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-SAT 8619-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-SAT 8635-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8050-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8051-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8077-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8079-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8084-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8141-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8146-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8156-WEB7.16.15.PARADE-THURS 8168-WEB

Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede Committee has announced the winners for the three-day Stampede/Wolf Point Centennial parade.
In the horse and rider category, the grand overall winner was the Holen family and wagon.
Adult cowgirl: Jolene Kirn, first; Angela Berglee, second; and Hanna Obertholt, third.
Adult costume: Kaitlyn Jamieson, first.
Youth cowgirl: Harley Berg, first; Savannah Giles, second; and Tara Sanders, third.
Family: Holen family, first; and Casterline family, second.
Hitches and wagons: Loren Bisbee, first.
In the floats category, the grand overall winner was Roosevelt County Council on Aging.
Best novelty: Catholic Hamburger Stand, first; Wally Sexton, second; Herd Bull, third; Sethres, fourth.
Best youth: Nickwall Farms, first and second places awarded.
Best youth organization: Wolf Point Sports, first; Youth Basketball, second; and City Rocks, third.
Best adult organization: Wolf Point Lions Club, first; Boyd’s, second.
Best commercial: Sherman Inn, first; Western Bank, second; Armstrong Construction, third; Eddy Bauer Sales, fourth.
Best civic or political organization: Roosevelt County Council on Aging, first; NEMHS, second.

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Sheriff, Deputies Get New Uniforms, Patches


Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office undersheriff John Summers (left) and detention officer Brian Nelson model their new uniforms.   The second picture is the new patch at left the the old patch.  (Photo by John Plestina)

Sheriff Jason Frederick has implemented a few changes during his first year in office that include new uniforms and redesigned patches.
Frederick and all uniformed officers and jail staff changed from the traditional brown sheriff’s uniforms to black shirts and khaki pants on July 1.
Some wear black polo shirts during summer months.
Undersheriff John Summers said the new uniforms have been well received by deputies and the public.
The only concern expressed by staff has been black shirts during hot months.
“They said, ‘It’s black. It’s going to be hot,” Summers said.
Along with the change to black shirts and khaki pants came a redesign of the shoulder patches all members of the department wear.
The decision to change the uniforms came after Frederick and Summers attended a conference in Great Falls earlier this year.
“We saw how Cascade County changed their uniforms to black shirts and tan pants and liked the more professional appearance,” Summers said.
Frederick held a contest for all schools across Roosevelt County to design a new patch. The winning design was by Poplar High School student Angel Boyd.  

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