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Unofficial Local And Statewide Election Results


Ballot counting in Roosevelt County was completed after 11 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 4, with only provisional ballots remaining to be counted on Monday, Nov. 10. Clerk/recorder Cheryl Hansen reported that 2,728 ballots were cast countywide, with 5,738 registered voters, for a 47.58 percent turnout at the polls.
The following  unofficial results were reported.
The jail bond was approved 1,502-1,149.
Allen Bowker defeated Frank Smith 645-368 for the County Commission District 1 seat that is currently held by Jim Shanks.
Interim sheriff Jason Frederick defeated recently resigned sheriff Freedom Crawford 2,433-223.
Republican Austin Knudsen of Culbertson was reelected to state House District 34, defeating Gene Hartsock of Glasgow 698-154.
Republican Steve Daines held a commanding 210,509 to 145-338 lead over Democrat Amanda Curtis for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by John Walsh with over 99 percent of the statewide vote counted. Libertarian Roger Roots trailed with 7,689 votes. In Roosevelt County, Daines defeated Curtis 1,331 to 1,255. Roots had 56 votes.
Republican Ryan Zinke led Democrat John Lewis 200,633 to 145-939 for the at-large U.S. House of Representatives seat currently held by Steve Daines with over 99 percent of precincts reporting. Libertarian Mike Fellows received 15,033. In Roosevelt County: Zinke, 1,256; Lewis, 1,251; Fellows, 116.
Nationally, Republican candidates won control of the Senate and added to the number of GOP held House seats.
Montana Supreme Court Justice 1: Jim Rice over W. David Herbert 233,301 to 64,229 with over 99 percent of precincts reporting. Rice won 1,761-422 in Roosevelt County.
Montana Supreme Court Justice 2: Mike Wheat over Lawrence VanDyke 192,066 to 132,823 with over 99 percent of precincts reporting. Wheat won in Roosevelt County 1,402 to 922.
Legislative Referendum No. 126, which would have ended Election Day voter registrations, failed 202,081 to 153,547 with over 99 percent of precincts reporting. LR 126 lost 1,448 to 1,149 in Roosevelt County.
Constitutional Amendment No. 45, which would have changed the name of the state auditor to commissioner of securities and insurance failed 174,716 to 163,883. Roosevelt County voters voted down the measure 1,381 to 1,092.
In State Senate District 19, Republican Frederick Davis Moore defeated Democrat Bill McChesney 5,216 to 2,438.
In State House District 31, Democrat Bridget Smith was reelected unopposed with 1,797 votes.
In State House District 37, Republican Lee Randall defeated Democrat Dixie Rieger 3,622 to 902.
For Public Service Commissioner District 1, Republican Travis Kavulla was elected unopposed with 48,967 votes. He received 1,882 votes in Roosevelt County.

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Poplar Airport Road Paving Makes Ride Smoother


Paving of Airport Road at the Poplar Airport was completed at the end of October and will make transporting patients by ambulance much smoother.     (Photo by Jaimee Green)

Paving completed at the end of October by the Fort Peck Tribes Transportation Program has made the ride smoother from the Poplar Airport for emergency medical services ambulances and personnel of Northeast Montana Health Services. More importantly, it will mean greater comfort for patients being transported to the airport to be flown out on the NEMHS STAT Air Ambulance Service.
Following a meeting held in June, the Fort Peck Tribes secured a $180,000 Tribal Transportation Program Safety Funding award to help meet the needs of several emergency response entities who utilize the road systems on the reservation.
With statistics provided at the June meeting from NEMHS about the number of patient transports out to the airport, it was decided that paving of the road leading to the airport would be included in the award allocation which focused on emergency services needs.
“This is an invaluable improvement from an EMS standpoint. Improvement of the road will decrease the time it takes us to transport a patient by half of the time. It will also be a smoother ride that will ensure their injuries are not further exasperated by the poor road conditions,” NEMHS trauma coordinator and EMS director Nonette Brown said. She added that it will also make it easier for EMS personnel riding in the back of the ambulance to manage the additional flight team equipment they need to use, while caring for patients.
The first award in the Tribal Transportation Program Safety Funding focused on construction projects and helped secure local law enforcement with in-vehicle dashboard cameras and global positioning systems, as well as roads striping and guardrail installations in needed areas.
The current, second safety funding is also focused on the purchase of portable breathalyzers and a narcotic canine for law enforcement, an “Arrive Alive” campaign and the airport road paving.

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Future Of Wolf Point ALCO Unknown With Corporation Bankruptcy Filing

The future of the Wolf Point ALCO store is unknown with the Coppell, Texas-headquartered ALCO Stores, Inc., filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Dallas, Texas, Oct. 12.
The Wall Street Journal reported last week that ALCO has plans to liquidate or sell the retail chain and that ALCO officials have approached potential buyers for the chain.
The international news service Reuters reported that ALCO is hoping to sell better-performing stores while liquidating others.
ALCO operates 198 discount, general merchandise stores in 23 states, mostly in the Midwest and a few stores in Florida and Georgia. There are three ALCOs in Montana, besides the Wolf Point location, in Cut Bank, Dillon and Sidney. The next nearest location is Watford City, N.D. There are about 3,000 employees nationwide. The company operates a distribution center in Abilene, Kan.
ALCO began in 1901 as Duckwall, a chain of five and dime stores in Kansas. The company expanded into discount retail when it founded the ALCO chain 46 years ago. In 1989, the company known as Duckwall-ALCO filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and emerged with new financing two years later.
The company closed the last 44 Duckworth five and dime stores in 2010.
ALCO Stores, Inc., reported assets of about $222 million and debts of about $162 million. A substantial amount of the debt is owed to Wells Fargo Bank. ALCO’s debt includes over $415 million in capital leases and about $2 million in monthly rent for stores in numerous locations.
ALCO Stores, Inc., has not commented on the bankruptcy, but cited the economic slowdown on court documents.
A phone call by The Herald-News to ALCO’s Coppell, Texas headquarters seeking comment was not returned.

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Halloween Fun


The Optimist Club of Wolf Point hosted a Halloween party Thursday, Oct. 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the First Lutheran Church. Funded by a grant from the 15th Judicial District Youth Court, the party was free to all children in the Wolf Point area.  (Submitted photo)

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Warren Land & Livestock First Dollar


Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture president Jeff Presser presents the First Dollar Award to Warren Land & Livestock owner Bethany Toews, Friday, Oct. 31. Warren Land & Livestock opened on Fourth Avenue South near Main Street in Wolf Point in February and provides farm and ranch and residential real estate appraisals.  (Photo by John Plestina)

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