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Culbertson Community Celebrates Arbor Day

5-5 culbertson teacher trees

Wendy Nickoloff, teacher at Culbertson school, handing out trees to her students as part of Arbor Day celebrations.                                (Photo submitted)


As part of the Town of Culbertson’s Arbor Day celebration, Culbertson Public School held an assembly on how to plant trees on Friday, April 29.

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Zilkoski Voted New School Board Trustee

Wolf Point residents have overwhelmingly voted for the community’s best known physician to cure any ills the school district might experience.
Dr. Mark Zilkoski received 591 votes in the election to decide one school board trustee on Tuesday, May 3.
Ron Jackson received 107 votes.

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Wolf Point Native Stresses Education Is Key To Opening Professional Doors

5-5 stein photo

Wayne Stein, a 1968 Wolf Point High School graduate, knows that he is fortunate, but he explains there is a lot more than luck to credit for all of his professional successes.
Until retiring two years ago, Stein was the head of the Department of Native American Studies at Montana State University. Stein has also served as president for Sitting Bull College, vice president of academic affairs at Fort Berthold Community College and has authored or co-authored three books.

Wolf Point Senior Finds Success With Music Department

5-5 second solo

Wolf Point student Christina Dahl performs a solo during the high school’s swing choir concert this year.
(Photo by Bill Vander Weele)


Wolf Point High School senior Christina Dahl doesn’t remember when she was first told that she was a good singer, but she does recall her first experience with singing.
That occasion came when she was just 6 years old and was watching her grandmother Helen Conradsen sing. “I wanted to be like her and started singing,” Dahl said.

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Students Enjoy Prom At Elks

4-28 king queen

Prom Royalty
Alexandria Rodriguez and Isaac Remington were selected queen and king for Wolf Point High School’s prom held on Friday, April 22.
(Photo by Bill Vander Weele)

Although a different location than usual, Wolf Point High School students experienced a great time during their prom titled “Night of Lights” on Friday, April 22.

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