Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point School Board Discusses Insurance Options For 2013-14

By Al Stover
The Wolf Point School board held its monthly meeting, July 15, and approved new hires, the closing and combining of student accounts and discussed the property and liability insurance for the period of July 1, 2013, to June 30, 2014.
Board chairman Martin DeWitt turned the floor over to superintendent Joe Paine. Paine said he spoke to Mike Cassidy at Cassco Insurance about what was paid in the previous year for insurance, as well as Cassidy’s offer of an increase of $8,579 from the premium in previous years. According to Paine, the reason for the increase is because of some of the litigations involved, however Paine added that Cassidy presented three options to bring down the cost of the premium.
Paine presented the pricing options to the board, which included a $10,000 deductible for both property and legal liability that could bring the renewal pricing to $73,892.
“If we had two years where we were claim-free, we would save that $10,000,” Paine said. “If we have more claims and of course we would have to pay our deductible … it’s just kind of how insurance works.”
Paine said he would prefer to stay with the current rate, while DeWitt asked if property claims could be paid by the Building Reserve Fund.
The board made a two-part approval. If property claims can be paid by the Building Reserve Fund, then they will go with the $10,000 deductible for property and keep the liability deductible at $5,000, which would bring the renewal pricing to $75,783. If claims cannot be paid by the fund, then they will keep both property and liability at $5,000, which would be $78,602.
The board also made a motion to approve the cancellation of student activity checks that have been outstanding for more than a year.
They also approved the closing of inactive student accounts. The remaining monies, which totaled to $4,740.02, will go into the District Fund 115 - Miscellaneous Federal Funds - Gym Renovation.
The board approved the move of the balances of the Junior High Art Resale, the Photo Club and the Art Club, recommended by Connie Neubauer, student accounts secretary, into the Art Resale Account. The total being moved into the account will be $1,694.18.
As for programs, the board approved the purchase order for the McGraw Hill High School Math Curriculum, which will be paid with the Striving Readers Grant funds, in the amount of $24,174.02. They also approved the renewal contract of the Junior High Success for All Readers, for $14,714,90, which will be funded by the Title I and the Striving Readers Grant.
The board approved the hiring, pending background checks, of Marcy Cobell-Gilbert and Rebecca Houg as teachers for Southside Elementary School, as well as the hiring of Jessica Sweet as an assistant volleyball coach for Wolf Point High School.