Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point City Council Hears Updates At Meeting

The Wolf Point City Council met Monday, July 15, for its regular monthly meeting.
It was noted that the housing rehab project is almost finished with the last house being completed in the next few weeks. This will allow the city to pursue new grants for similar projects.
The council was informed that the city received official notification that Silver Airways will not seek the Essential Air Service contract; however, the company is supposed to continue with service until either a new company takes up the contract or it is no longer "financially feasible" for Silver Airways.
Councilman Chris Dschaak informed the council that fireman Doug Hopson retired as of July 3 after providing Wolf Point with 23 years of service.
According to the police and animal control report, the department responded to 581 complaints and 99 citations were issued during the month of June by the Wolf Point Police Department. There were 13 animals impounded and 21 animals licensed in the month of June. Police chief Jeff Harada said he felt the 'Summer Fury' tornado drill went well and the department did as well as could be expected in such circumstances. It will likely be three months before the final report is released.
The city landfill had its Department of Environmental Quality inspection on Thursday, July 11, but the city has yet to receive the findings.
The council voted to keep the street maintenance levies the same as last year. These levies bring in approximately $53,900 per year, so growth is slow. This is the fund that was utilized to fix Front Street.
The street dance was a point of concern for the council. Councilman Rollie Paulson stated in past years he was thoroughly impressed with the clean up job done before business hours on Friday morning, but that this year it was a mess. He spent over a half hour picking up in front of his business. Paulson stated he didn't want to be a "stick in the mud," knowing that many people enjoy the festivities, but he felt that downtown business owners should not be "penalized" just because of their business location. Councilman Dschaak concurred that this year the town was amuch bigger mess than in past years. Overall sentiment of the council seemed to be that the Tavern Association should be held more responsible for the clean up. When asked if extra dumpsters are provided downtown, public works director Rick Isle said they were but people seemed to refuse to use them as they were often empty when picked up Monday after Stampede.

The council approved the spending of up to $36,600 with committee approval for a new police car and a used four-wheel-drive for the police department.
Mayor Dewayne Jager noted in his mayor’s comments that, in the July 3 edition of the Fort Peck Journal, it was stated that "Chairman Azure was authorized to write a letter to the Mayor of Wolf Point outlining the Tribes concerns about the City of Wolf Point denying assistance to the Fort Peck Tribes during the recent water crisis (in Poplar)."
Jager stated that no such request by either the tribes or the City of Poplar was ever made. Dschaak stated that no request was made to the fire department about hauling water over either.
Jager stated that he had contacted Azure and the City of Poplar letting them know that the City of Wolf Point never received a request for help and that he was also seeking a retraction to be placed in the Fort Peck Journal. Had a request been made the City of Wolf Point would have helped in any way they could.
The next regular meeting will be Monday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. A public hearing about the budget will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 7 p.m., followed by a special meeting to adopt the budget on Monday, Aug. 12, also at 7 p.m.