Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Approves Hires, Raises And Equipment

The Roosevelt County Commissioners met July 11 to approve three new hires, six pay raises, purchases and meetings from previous meetings
The meeting began when commissioner Jim Shanks made a motion to approve the minutes for June, then Macdonald made a motion to approve the minutes of the CTEP public hearing, which took place July 8.
Macdonald made a motion to discuss the solicited quotes from three local car dealers for a new county vehicle. According to Macdonald, only one of those quotes had been turned in. Duane Nygard asked if the discussion should be moved until the next meeting to which Shanks and Macdonald agreed.
The commissioners approved the claims for July 5 in the amount of $184,032.06 and for July 8 for the amount of $45,545.48.
When it came time to approve the new hires, Nygard turned the meeting over to Macdonald, due to a conflict of interest. The new hires include Lindsey Nygard, who will be working as a seasonal full-time employee for the road department, Alan Engelke, who will also be working for the road department in a temporary/part-time capacity and Helen
Brzozowske, who will be working as a seasonal museum curator for the Poplar Museum. Nygard abstained from the first two votes.
The commissioners approved annual pay raises for Traci Kjelshus, Julie Back, Miracle Spotted Wolf, Lorene Hintz, Beth Hekkel and Sheri Harvey.
The commissioners also approved the lower bid to purchase a RIDGID drain cleaning machine for the maintenance department for $596.40.
Macdonald asked why maintenance felt they needed this. Maintenance supervisor Craig Karge replied that inmates in the jail have been plugging up the drains and he has had to rent equipment from the Swap Shop. He also said the drains in the jail kitchen have been known to clog up, as have the sewer drains. He added that the kitchen at the senior center could also clog.
Karge also said the drains on the south side of the courthouse are plugged and, if it rains, the parking lot will flood. In the past, his predecessor would hire someone to clean the drains. Karge said he feels he can do it himself.
The commissioners closed out the meeting by discussing the bids for the removal of the asbestos tile in the basement office and conference room where the welfare department was before it moved to the post office. The two bids were from Abatement Contractors from Missoula and Associated Cleaning Supplies Inc. from Wolf Point. The bid from Abatement Contractors was for $10,730 while the bid from Associated Cleaning Supplies was for $9,078.50.
Macdonald said it was a “no-brainer” that the bid go to local company, who underbid the Missoula company by over $1,600. Stacks said the company from Missoula could be “real hungry” coming from the west side of the state and Macdonald said it seemed high for a local bid.
Bill Juve asked if the bid included disposal. Duane Nygard said it did, as well as the removal of the carpet over the tiles, though Macdonald said the county probably couldn’t remove the carpet because it may be contaminated.