Wolf Point Herald

Stover Signs With Herald-News

I have accepted an editor position at The Herald-News.
I originally came from Spokane, Wash., and am a recent graduate of Eastern Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in visual communication design. I spent the last two years as a section editor for The Easterner, EWU’s college newspaper. Journalism was not my first choice of a career, but over the last six years I have grown to love all of the different aspects of the field. There are few careers in the world where you get the opportunity to be a part of history, meet interesting people and write about the experiences.
When I was offered the opportunity to come work for The Herald-News, I said goodbye to my friends, packed up what I could and left my old life behind. Although there was a snag or two in my initial plans that forced me to take a 14-hour train ride to Montana, I got the chance to soak up some of the scenery that is uncommon in the Pacific Northwest.
From 2012-13, I ran the Eagle Life section, which is the The Easterner’s foods, arts, culture and feature section wrapped under one brand. Before I was the Eagle Life editor, I was in charge of the newspaper’s sports desk where I spent long hours covering games and interviewing future professional athletes.
During my time on at The Easterner, I covered several topics and interviewed all sorts of characters including drag queens, gamers and cage fighters. At one particular mixed martial arts event, I watched as one of the fighters delivered a soccer kick to his opponent’s face, which ended up shattering the man’s jaw.
Prior to my time at The Easterner, I worked at The Communicator, the student newspaper at Spokane Falls Community College, from 2007 to 2010. I was a section editor for The Communicator’s Sidelines, Flavors and Focus sections.
In addition to my collegiate journalism career, I was an intern with Spokane Faith and Values, an online publication that covers all faiths and religions in the Spokane area. I have also written for Rant Sports and currently contribute columns to both Cagepages.com and Fansided.com.
I also maintain several blogs including From the Red Corner, which is about combat sports, and Ale Stover’s Brewing Thoughts, which focuses on anything beer-related. I enjoy watching all kinds of sports, especially boxing and cage fighting.Although I have only spent a few days in Wolf Point, I have grown to like the community and the people around here. I even got a chance to attend my first Wild Horse Stampede. It was dirty and, by the end of the night, my scalp had become a resting place for flies, but it was also a lot of fun.