Wolf Point Herald

Favorites Return To Arena For Wild Horse Race

Three wild men, one wild animal and a crowd of thousands cheering on the live debauchery. Sound like fun? It certainly should 1 considering it’s the premise of the crowd-favorite Wild Horse Race that steals the spotlight each year during Stampede weekend.
The delicate balance of chaos and finesse keeps spectators coming back for more.
Each group is made up of three wild men — two to wrangle and one to ride.
The Wild Horse Race is no doubt the highlight of the weekend and Stampede chairman Clint Long offered some insight as to why.
“They are actual wild horses. They are not pros,” Long said. “The contestants are local which makes everyone feel more in touch with them and it’s very exciting.”
The 90th annual Wolf Point Wild Horse Stampede’s wild horse race will see many familiar faces.
The yellow team, sponsored by The Freez, will be Easton Copenhaver, Morris Tattoo and TJ Kerr.
The light blue team of Mike Birdsbill, Jimmy Wittet and Bobby Overton is sponsored by Farmers Elevator.
Garrett Long, Pat Jackson and Chase Casterline will represent the orange team, sponsored by Hentges Trucking.
Wearing purple in this year’s event will be Mike DeWitt, Jamie St. Marks and Matt Ayres. Their team is sponsored by DeWitt Trucking.
The turquoise team, sponsored by A-Plus Construction, is Brockie Standing, Fletcher Clampitt and Jordan Moran.
Milo Jackson, Jordan Jackson and Emmett Jackson will represent Montana Bar and sport grey shirts.
The gold team of Brickie Jackson, Boy Jackson and Michael Jackson is sponsored by Mitch and Tina Clark Sr. in memory of Calvin Clark.
Members on the lime green team, sponsored by Linda Melbourne, are Michael Thomas, Sheldon Smoker and Lyle White.