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Wolf Point School Board Approves Contracts Aimed At Improvement

During the Wolf Point School board’s monthly meeting on Monday, Sept. 10, it discussed multiple contracts and had a split vote on one issue despite its typical unanimous voting behavior.
Board members made a unanimous decision to approve a contract with Education Northwest.
Education Northwest is an organization that partners with schools in order to train teachers, develop a solid curriculum, and evaluate school programs among other tasks.
The contract stated Education Northwest would conduct two 2½-day site visits which would offer additional coaching and support and would amount to seven total trips over the course of the 2012-13 school year. The organization would also provide six site visits and one workshop before May 31, 2013.
The contract also said the school district agreed to pay Education Northwest $117,833 for its services through June 30, 2013.
The board also discussed a contract with the Success For All Foundation.
According to its website, the foundation uses a whole-school reform strategy which features leadership for continuous improvement, school-wide support and intervention tools, powerful instruction and professional development and coaching.
The board unanimously approved portions of the contract that included a reading contract for Southside Elementary School, which will consist of 12 total training days. The cost for the training is $24,120.
A math contract for Southside Elementary School that includes eight training days was also approved within the same motion and costs $15,597.
Six training days for reading were allotted to the junior high teachers and amounts to $11,698.20.
The motion originally included four Education Service Center conference registrations and would have cost the district an additional $2,720. The board chose to amend the original motion to deny the approval of the registrations.
Personnel hires were the cause of the split vote. Board member Sonny Douglas requested the agenda item, which grouped two personnel hires together, to be treated as separate motions.
The board unanimously approved the hiring of Theresa Nebel as elementary food service manager.
The board denied the hiring of Paul Gysler as a substitute teacher at Northside and Southside elementary schools. The vote was 4-1, with Tracy Juve as the dissenting member.
The board unanimously approved a comprehensive policy analysis re-write offer for the district from the Montana School Board Association. Director of policy services Joe Brott of
MTBSA explained in a letter to co-superintendents Joe Paine and Eileen Karge and board chairman Martin DeWitt why the policy re-write was necessary.
“Our records show that
MTSBA has had an opportunity to work with Wolf Point on a comprehensive policy review in 2002. I would encourage the board to consider having MTSBA work with Wolf Point once again on a comprehensive policy analysis and re-write within the year,” Brott said.
Brott also noted constantly changing education issues as another reason to approve a re-write. The re-write will cost the district a $5,000 one-time fee and an annual maintenance fee for a period of five years.
The board also unanimously approved August 2012 policy changes from MTSBA.
The members then addressed a dire need for assistance within the realm of technology. Board members said the current employee who handles most technological issues, Andy Dunn, would benefit from some extra help handling all the district’s responsibilities. The board unanimously agreed to hire a computer technology administrator to alleviate some pressure off Dunn and to allow for more productivity overall.
The job description said the technology administrator would be in charge of information technology management and control, budget preparation and management, recommendations for technical acquisitions, and development of guidelines, standards and procedures.
On a final note, the board approved a maintenance agreement with Will’s Office World amounting to $5,517.