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Hoversland, Page Are 2013 Valedictorian, Salutatorian

The valedictorian and salutatorian honors were announced just days before the 2013 Wolf Point High School commencement exercises, which were held May 26. Alyssa Hoversland earned a 4.0 grade point average and the right to be valedictorian, while Katie Page claimed the salutatorian honor.
Hoversland is the daughter of Allan and Mertz Hoversland and Page is the daughter of R.C. and Joelle Page.
Wolf Point senior Alyssa
Hoversland has wanted to be the high school valedictorian since she was young. Her sister Erica was the valedictorian of her graduating class and her sister Jillian was the salutatorian of her class. Those might seem like some big shoes to fill, but Hovers-land had no trouble carrying on the legacy.
She was honored as the valedictorian of the 2013 Wolf Point High School graduating class after earning a 4.0 GPA and completing the required AP and advanced classes.
Hoversland said she enjoyed school, particularly math, even as a young girl attending Southside and Northside. She explained she was always a good student, but was not without challenges. Hoversland said her AP classes and college composition class were more challenging, but all it meant was that she had to try a little harder.
Fortunately, the 18-year-old is no stranger to hard work. She balanced her school work with two years of basketball, four years of volleyball and tennis and part-time jobs. When asked how she handled her busy life, Hoversland said it all came down to time management.
“Sometimes you didn’t get to go out with your friends and had to do homework instead,”
Hoversland said.
She said her most difficult assignment came from her college composition class. She had to choose three colleges, conduct research and ultimately write an extensive research paper on one of her choice. She chose to learn about Dawson Community College, University of North Carolina and the University of Montana. She decided to write her paper on the University of Montana, since she’ll be attending there in the fall. Hoversland said she hopes to be a pharmacist one day because she’s always wanted to go into the medical field in some capacity.
As valedictorian, Hoversland will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship from Western Bank to go toward her college education.
Looking back, Hoversland said the most stressful period of high school was her senior year because she wasn’t only focusing on getting good grades, but applying for colleges and preparing for graduation.
Now that she’s finally made it to the finish line, Hoversland is looking forward. At the May 26 commencement ceremony, she compared the four different phases of high school to various stages of life. She said freshman and sophomore years would likely compare to the uncertainty that would come after high school in a young adult’s life. She explained junior and senior year would equate to the time in a person’s life when they identify their goals, work toward them and eventually achieve them.
Hoversland told The Herald- News she wanted her peers to realize there was more to life than high school and that she hoped her classmates would go on to achieve what they wanted.
Katie Page has lived her entire life in Wolf Point and was recently earned the title of the Wolf Point High School salutatorian. Page said she always enjoyed school, and cited great teachers as one of the many reasons why that was the case.
She particularly enjoyed calculus junior and senior years with Mr. Denny, partially because math is her favorite subject and partially because she enjoyed him as a teacher. Page said, within her family, she always excelled at school while her siblings were more talented at sports and extra-curricular activities.
Although academics may have come easier to her, she was quick to say she wasn’t a complete natural. She worked hard for her grades — especially in classes like AP U.S. history with Mr. MacDonald. Page relayed a frustrating anecdote about not passing the test for the class that would have given her college credit.
But clearly the setback didn’t get her down too much. She continued to work hard along with her best friend, Alyssa Hovers-land, in their advanced classes. She said she and Hoversland had a buddy system when it came to academics. They helped each other study and motivated one another to do well.
Her hard work paid off. As salutatorian, she will receive a $500 scholarship from First Community Bank. Page said her family was extremely proud when they found out about her honorable title.
This fall, Page will attend University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D., to become an occupational therapist. The career choice requires a master’s degree and Page has already been accepted to the college’s master’s program if she keeps her grades up, which most likely won’t be a problem for the dedicated student.
Page has spent the last several years working hard to graduate in the top of her class. When asked what advice she wants to give to fellow classmates, she said everyone should make an effort to work hard at anything they do because it will ultimately pay off.