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Frontier School District Reorganizes Board, Raises Classified Salaries

The Frontier School board met May 13 and made changes to the board structure and appointed a new member. The board unanimously voted to keep Brandon Babb as the board chairman and unanimously voted to appoint Mark Zilkoski as the new vice chairman for the 2013-14 school year, replacing Dave Kirkaldie in the position.
The board unanimously voted to reappoint Kirkaldie as a board member and he was sworn into the position. Board members also passed a motion to reappoint Ann Landsrud as the clerk.
Shelly Hafner chose to step down from her position on the school board, leaving a vacant seat. Community member Jeff Spotts was present at the meeting and showed interest in the vacancy. The school board voted unanimously to appoint Spotts to the board in a one-year position.
Christine Eggar suggested the board raise starting classified staff wages to $10 per hour
“I think that’s a more competitive wage,”Eggar said.
Eggar also recommended giving an additional 50-cent raise to all classified staff. Raising the initial starting wage and giving a raise to current classified staff would cost the district $7,800. The board passed the motion unanimously.
Board members passed a motion approving all classified staff contracts.
The board discussed the issue of local control in regards to lunch menus and menu regulation. Menu certification is a federal initiative that makes changes to schools’ lunch menus.
Eggar said, if adopted, the school would have to have a dark green vegetable a week, a bright orange vegetable a week and they would have to switch to 1 percent and skim milk, along with other changes.
In exchange for passing menu certification, the school would receive $1,000 for the 2013-14 school year. Eggar said this was the only year it was optional.
Eggar was in support of local control and didn’t support the federal guidelines. Zilkoski asked if implementing menu certification would cost the school more money. Eggar estimated it would cost at least $1,000 to implement. Zilkoski suggested the board wait to implement the program until next year since the $1,000 offered no real incentive.
The board unanimously passed a motion to reject menu certification for the 2013-14 school year.
Dean of students Jeffrey Whitmus said the building renovation plans were moving forward and Eggar said students and teachers were preparing for end of year field trips and the May 31 field day.
Board members closed the meeting by approving changes to the student handbook and approving Becky Stensland as a full-time substitute teacher.