Wolf Point Herald

Fatal Gunshot Victim Identified As Poplar Middle School Principal

The Wolf Point Police Department responded Saturday, May 4, to an accidental gunshot wound on the 400 block of Johnson Street around 1 p.m. The WPPD said the victim was seriously injured and was airlifted to Billings Clinic for further treatment.
As of presstime last week, law enforcement had not released the name of the victim because his health status was not yet determined. The Great Falls Tribune reported that the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Coroner’s Office announced the victim was 37-year-old Brant Flath. Flath was the Poplar Middle School principal. He reportedly died the same day the wound was inflicted.
Flath was new to Poplar Middle School in the 2012-13 year. He previously worked as an assistant principal in Boulder. He told The Herald-News in August 2012 he looked forward to creating new afterschool programs and a new identity for the school.
According to the Fort Peck Journal, Poplar Schools superintendent James Rickley released a statement regarding Flath’s death.
“It is with sadness that we notify you of the loss of Brant Flath. Mr. Flath passed away on Saturday afternoon,” Rickley said.
Local law enforcement is continuing to investigate the incident to gain a better understanding of the circumstances that led to Flath’s untimely death.
His obituary can be found on page seven of this issue of The Herald-News.