Frontier Board Wraps Up Business Prior To New Year

The Frontier School board met Tuesday, Aug. 14, to wrap up several business items prior to the start of a new school year. The majority of the business approved was regular yearly updates to agreements and policies.

The board approved their budget for the 2018-19 school year. This budget has little in the way of significant changes. The largest change to Frontier’s budget this year will be the reading comprehension grant the school received last January.

In addition to the new budget, the board approved the 2017-18 audit by Denning, Downey and Associates.

Annual agreements with the Vida School District were approved at this meeting. The first agreement is the transportation agreement between the districts which is approved each year. This agreement allows Frontier to pick up students down Highway 501 west of Harry’s Nite Club. These students typically attend Frontier School because they are closer to Frontier School while technically being in Vida’s district.

The second agreement with Vida is the annual sports agreement. This agreement allows fifth- and sixth-grade students, depending on the sport, to participate in sports with Frontier children. Sports offered at Frontier include cross country, girls’ volleyball, girls’ and boys’ basketball and track and field.

The individual parents of students playing will be responsible to transport their student to and from practices and home games/meets. Games held in other districts will have transportation provided to and from Frontier School.

Frontier updated their procurement credit card policy 7405 at this meeting. According to superintendent Christine Eggar, Frontier had already observed the changes to the policy, but had yet to update the official policy. The changes dropped the number of credit cards in the district from 20 to five and made the credit limit subject to superintendent approval. The old credit limit was $2,000, but was deemed insufficient for a few employees which use credit cards to keep the school supplied.

Frontier scored high on their recent Pupil Instruction Related survey scoring a total of 4.77 out of five. The school scored the highest on items presented being readily apparent and the presentation making the school better in the long term. The district scored the lowest on teamwork and interactive skills being strengthened as part of the presentation. However, none of Frontier’s scores were below a 4.0.

Principal Greg Gourneau reported that the school’s buses were inspected by Montana Highway Patrol and are road-ready for the new school year.

The bus routes for the 2018-19 school year were also accepted by the Roosevelt County transportation board. Additionally, Gourneau reported that the school is still in need of a route driver.

Other items include:

•Approved resignation of Amber Clark.

•Eggar recommended Kenny Shields for the position of SPED paraprofessional. The board approved the school to hire Shields pending a background check.

•Approved staff handbook with minimal changes to the language throughout.

•Gourneau was appointed to the position of homeless liaison, a position which aids in situations where a student may be homeless, and attendance officer. Gourneau held both of these appointments last year.

•Annual special education cooperative agreement was approved.

•The next meeting of the Frontier School board is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 11.