Commissioners Approved Rural Fire Rotation, County Official Salaries

At the regular meeting of the Roosevelt County Commissioners July 24, salaries were set for county officials and a rotation for the rural fire departments was established. Additionally, Commissioner Gordon Oelkers sought a price estimate from Interstate Engineering for a cost assessment on bridge repairs.

The commissioners re-established resolution 2019-3 which sets aside $24,500 yearly for Roosevelt County’s rural fire departments to purchase new fire engines. This county money is transferred from the county building machinery and equipment line item to the rural fire department machinery and equipment line item.

The money is often paired with grants and loans in order to purchase new fire equipment.

One notable change to the resolution was Wolf Point and Poplar switching places. Last year, Poplar Fire Department’s trucks were vandalized and Wolf Point allowed Poplar to go before them in the rotation to purchase a new engine.

As a result, Wolf Point moved up to first in the list and Poplar is now last on the list. The fund are set aside for Wolf Point 2018-19, Froid 2019-20, Bainville 2020-21, Culbertson 2021-22 and Poplar 2022-23.

This resolution is re-approved by the commissioners each budget year.

Presiding officer Gary Macdonald stated that this resolution has really helped the rural fire departments keep up-to-date equipment. He said that, prior to the resolution, rural fire departments in Roosevelt County would often use very old fire engines to provide their critical services.

Resolutions 2019-1 and 2019-2, setting salaries for the county officials and county attorney respectively, were approved at this meeting.

While regular county employees received a 2.5 percent cost of living assessment, the county officials received an equivalent dollar amount. All county officials will receive a $1,400 increase to their annual salaries which is equal to 2.5 percent for regular county employees.

Oelkers made a motion to get a cost from Interstate Engineering to do an assessment for repairs on a bridge between Culbertson and Bainville. The bridge in question is located on a Burlington Northern Santa Fe right-away and has been known by travelers as a problem bridge for quite some time.

The motion passed and the county will ask Interstate what it would cost for an assessment so that the county can know what repairs and improvements on this bridge would cost.

Other items:
•Jim Rodenberg was re-approved for the airport board.
•Aura Delisle was approved for hire at the Roosevelt County Detention Center.