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Sharri Vandall Hired As Northside School Principal

Long-time Wolf Point resident and educator Sharri Vandall, 50, was chosen as the next Northside Elementary School principal Wednesday, May 30. Her hiring follows the departure of former Northside principal Brett Scott.

Vandall is a Wolf Point School District veteran. She has worked for the district for just shy of 22 years. During this long tenure with the district, Vandall spent one year as a non-instructional aide, a half year as a special education paraprofessional, six years as a fourth-grade teacher, five years as a third-grade teacher and nine years as an instructional coach.

Vandall has worked at both the Southside Elementary School and the Northside Elementary School. She has spent the last several years at Northside.

“I love the students and staff at Northside,” said Vandall. “I have filled in for principals when they have been out of the building for the last nine years.”

Vandall said she decided to apply for the position of principal because she felt like she was ready for a change and for new challenges.

“I hope to continue to have staff align our curriculum to the common core standards,” said Vandall. “I also hope to make Northside a school that is transparent to the community. I want Northside to be welcoming to students and their families.”

There are also several things Vandall believes she can improve at the Northside School.

“I would like to see more parent/community involvement. Also, I would like to see us continue to improve on academics and close the achievement gap,” said Vandall.
Superintendent Rob Osborne also believes Vandall will be great for the school.

“I think it will be a smooth transition between the former principal and [Vandall],” said Osborne. “She was easily the best candidate and I think she’ll do a great job because she is a team player.”

Osborne also stated that Vandall will do a great job because the rest of the administration is excited to have her in the position.

Vandall said that she originally got into the education field because she loves kids.


“I babysat from fifth grade on and was a tutor in high school and college,” said Vandall.

“My favorite thing about working in education is our students. I enjoy seeing my past students in our community,” said Vandall. “I look forward to seeing my students every day.”
Vandall hold a bachelor’s degree from Montana State University - Northern in Havre, a master’s degree from Walden University and recently applied to an education leadership program at Rocky Mountain College in Billings.

Vandall was born in Van Nuys, Calif. She originally moved to Wolf Point when her sister moved here to work at Indian Health Service. She then met her husband Lee Vandall and has lived here since then.

Vandall and her husband are very active in the Wolf Point community. The couple have four children, Daniel, Brittney, Hannah and Ireland.

When she isn’t working to educate the community, Vandall enjoys reading books, taking walks and working in her yard.