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Koapke Accepts Plea Deal, Extradited To North Dakota

David Koapke, the man charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs and carrying dangerous drugs on a train in October, has accepted a plea deal and was extradited to North Dakota on unrelated charges.
Court documents said Koapke was aboard the Amtrak train when a bail bondsman from North Dakota informed law enforcement of his whereabouts and that he had an outstanding warrant and may have been carrying drugs.
The report said Koapke was arrested by local police on his outstanding warrant and located a brick-sized package of marijuana in his belongings. Police later determined it was 1.3 pounds of marijuana.
In district court on Jan. 16, Roosevelt County Attorney Jim Patch and
Koapke stated they reached a plea agreement. In order to accept the agreement, Koapke had to plead guilty to one charge of criminal possession of dangerous drugs which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and $50,000 fine.
Koapke willingly pleaded guilty to the charge. The agreement will possibly dismiss the charge of carrying dangerous drugs on a train, but a pre-sentence investigation will need be completed by a parole officer in order to determine an appropriate recommendation for a sentence.
Since the courts are not bound by the agreement, district court judge David Cybulski does not have to accept the recommended sentence.
Koapke also agreed to be extradited to North Dakota on unrelated charges and was transported last week.