Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Approve Purchase And Pay Raises

The Roosevelt County Commissioners met Thursday, Jan. 17, and approved a purchase and multiple pay raises.
The commissioners had two bid proposals for a fridge for the new public health office in Culbertson. The first bid was from Finnicum’s Furniture for $637 and the second was from Gysler’s Furniture for $649. The commissioners unanimously accepted the bid from Finnicum’s.
They also unanimously accepted resolution 2013-13, which was a correction to resolution 2013-12 discussed at the last meeting.
The first resolution increased the budget amount for expenditures and revenues in the Domestic Preparedness Equipment fund to $25,680 for a $61,500 Homeland Security Grant because the commissioners believed $35,820 was already budgeted into the fund from the grant.
In reality, the $35,820 was budgeted from a previous grant. This meant the commissioners needed to correct the resolution and increase the line items to $61,500, the total amount from the Homeland Security Grant, rather than just the $25,680 originally allotted.
The commissioners then approved a pay raise for Jenna Harthan at the treasurer’s office from G1 starting to G1 probation. They also approved annual raises for Kiyo Ruhd at the treasurer’s office from G3R7 to G3R8 and Laurie Evans from G3R5 to G3R6.
On a final note, the commissioners approved appointing Brenda Boysun to the Missouri River Country board.