Wolf Point Herald

NEMHS Community Benefit Survey Receives Necessary Response Rate

The community was recently asked to complete a survey that was mailed to their residence from Northeast Montana Health Services to help improve their access to quality local healthcare. Those survey responses would then be used as a guide toward determining new services and programs offered by NEMHS.
The purpose of the survey is to obtain information from a wide range of participants to assist in planning programs, services and identifying health and wellness needs. By completing the survey, residents are helping NEMHS recognize local health care concerns and determine what services the community would like to see provided locally. The information will be used for strategic planning, grant applications, new programs and by community groups interested in addressing health issues.
Those who completed the survey were entered into a drawing for a $250 VISA card.
The winner of the drawing was Marvin Olson of Wolf Point with ticket number 605214.
The National Rural Health Resource Center in Duluth, Minn., is assisting in the analysis of local needs, use of local health care services and overall community health. This process was developed to maintain quality healthcare to serve the continuing and future needs of the area.
A total of 280 surveys were received resulting in a 36 percent response rate. A response of less than 30 percent would have required another survey to be sent and the process to be repeated until the needed rate was met.
“We are very pleased with the response rate we received. This enables surveyors to be 95 percent confident that the survey is statistically valid and representative of the community,” said Tina Strauser, community relations director for NEMHS.
The community benefit survey is a federally mandated assessment survey that must take place every three years to ensure NEMHS is able to continue providing health care services as a designated 501(c)(3) organizations.