Wolf Point Herald

Wolves Speech Team To Compete At Divisionals

The Wolf Point High School speech team will be competing in the Eastern B/C Speech and Drama Divisional Tournament Friday and Saturday, Jan. 18-19, at the Culbertson High School.
The team started late in the season due to not having a coach. Since hiring Chelly Harada as coach, the team has competed in Shepherd, Glasgow and Baker.
For only competing in three meets, the team has made itself known within its division. The Wolves surprised the competition by placing third as a team in Baker two weeks ago.
The Wolves have been practicing intensely in preparation for the competition this weekend in hopes of qualifying for the state tournament.
Competing in the serious oral interpretation event are sophomore Tyleen Black Cloud and freshman Kristen Hors-mon.
Black Cloud will be presenting three selections with a common theme involving suicide. First is a poem titled Talking to Myself by Martin H.J.R.; second is an excerpt from the play 'night Mother by Marsha Norman; and finally a poem titled Suicide Note by Megan Anderson.
Black Cloud has been consistent with placing during competition. She has worked hard over the past two weeks and has drastically improved her presentation.
Horsmon has chosen a dramatic monologue titled Post-Mortem by Deborah Karczewski. She has improved her standing within the competition at each meet.
Both girls will make a strong showing at the tournament.
Competing in the humorous oral interpretation are senior Ikaika Edmundson, junior Steven Remington and freshman Devin Northington.
Edmundson will be presenting a comedy monologue titled Dirk The Angry Scotsman by John C. Havens.
Remington has chosen a comedy monologue titled I Hate Pigeons by Anne Hughes.
Northington has chosen a comedy monologue titled Accents, Inc. by John C. Havens.
All three have done exceptionally well throughout the season. Despite the competition being tough in this event, all three have a great chance at qualifying for state.
The Wolves were ready to take on the competition in Malta this past weekend. However, the meet was cancelled due to bad weather conditions.
To further their readiness for the divisional tournament, the Wolves will be holding a public presentation Thursday, Jan. 17, at 6 p.m. at the Wolf Point High School auditorium.
Harada said, “The speech team hopes the community, teachers, family and friends will come watch them give their presentations. They are excited to do it. They want everyone to see exactly what it is they do at the speech meets.”