Wolf Point Herald

Snowmobiles Must Stay Off City Roads

Now that it’s January, winter sports including snowmobiling are once again the popular recreation choices. The key word being “recreation.”
The Wolf Point Police Department reports it has been getting complaints of people riding snowmobiles on city streets, in public parks and on private property. The department stated the act was not only dangerous, but illegal.
Multiple sections from Chapter 4 of the Wolf Point City Ordinances state that snowmobiles, defined as “any self-propelled vehicle of an overall width of 48 inches or less, including accessories, designed primarily for travel on snow or ice, which may be steered by skis or runners and which is not otherwise registered or licensed under the laws of the state of Montana,” are an illegal means of transportation on roadways.
The ordinance states driving snowmobiles is prohibited on municipal streets as well as controlled access highways.
Snowmobilers are also not allowed to drive in city parks or on private property not belonging to them.
Snowmobiles do not have the capacity to compete with normal traffic and do not offer the protection of a vehicle.
The Wolf Point Police Department said there were numerous safety issues relating to the use and misuse of snowmobiles. Residents need to be aware of the dangers and equally aware of the fact that any misuse of snowmobiles could lead to penalties.