Wolf Point Herald

Dennis Martinez Seeks New Legal Counsel

While the sun is finally setting for Kristopher Lehto, the 21-year-old charged in a meth production case in June, the case drags on for his alleged counterpart, Dennis Martinez.
The two were both charged with unlawful operation of a clandestine laboratory and endangering the welfare of children in June.
Lehto accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of possession of dangerous drugs.
Martinez’s story is a little more complicated. The 27-year-old was let out on bond in early August, but was almost immediately back in custody after being arrested for burglary, endangering the welfare of children and assault. He pleaded not guilty to all the new charges.
Since August, Martinez has been in the Roosevelt County Jail dealing with both sets of charges, but has apparently faced some complications along the way in terms of legal counsel.
Martinez was originally represented by Cynthia Thornton, but on Oct. 24, Martinez requested a new lawyer. Thornton said they weren’t communicating well and believed he should seek other counsel.
The court agreed to appoint Martinez a new attorney so he and the court could move forward and find a resolution to his cases.