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Roosevelt County Votes Blue, At Odds With Majority of Montana

Contrary to the majority of Montana counties, Roosevelt County voted predominately democratic Tuesday night.
The polls closed right at 8:00 p.m. and county employees began the long haul to count every ballot cast in the county’s 13 precincts.
In the beginning of night when only a few precincts had been counted, Roosevelt County was shaded red with most of the big races favoring Republican candidates. This changed as more precincts’ votes were counted and it became clear Roosevelt would be a blue county this election year.
Barack Obama walked away with 56.17 percent of votes in Roosevelt and Romney won 41.3 percent. On a state level, Obama won 41.72 compared to Romney’s 54.68.
The race for the US senate had a much greater disparity in the county compared to the state level. Democrat Jon Tester earned 61.19 percent of all votes while Republican Denny Rehberg only earned 33.57. This was a much closer race on the state level with Tester earning 48.74 percent over Rehberg’s 44.65.
The US House saw a similar situation with democrat Kim Gillan taking the county with 58.69 percent over Republican Steve Daines 36.7 percent. At the state level, Daines came out on top with 53 percent of the votes compared to Gillan’s 42.88.
In Roosevelt County, democratic Governor Candidate Steve Bullock beat out republican Rick Hill with 59.78 percent to Hill’s 36.8. The race was extremely close on the state level with Bullock just barely beating out Hill 49.11 to 47.09.
Republican Brad Johnson ran against Linda McCulloch for the position of the Montana Secretary of State. In Roosevelt County, McCulloch won by a large margin with 64.44 percetn fo the votes compared to Johnson’s 32.36. McCulloch was also successful on the state level, securing 51.57 percent of votes to Johnson’s 44.89.
Pam Bucy won the attorney general race in Roosevelt County with 58.9 percent of the votes. Republican Tim Fox brought home 40.99 percent. This was inconsistent with Montana’s decision. Fox won overall with 53.35 percent to Bucy’s 46.49.
Monica Lindeen was the democratic candidate for the state auditor position and won 67.46 percent of the county’s votes compared to her competitor Derek Skees’s 32.48 percent. Lindeen also won on a state level, but on a smaller scale. She secured 53.56 percent of votes, beating out Skees’s 46.28.
Denise Juneau, the democratic candidate running for re-election for the office of public instruction who passed through Wolf Point last week, won 65.44 percent of the county. Her competitor republican Sandy Welch won 34.48 percent. Juneau also won on a state level, but the race was extraordinarily close. Juneau beat out Welch 50.33 percent to 49.52 percent.
Democrat Ed Smith running for the clerk of the Supreme Court earned 76.7 percent of Roosevelt County compared to his competitor Mike Fellows who won 23 percent. It was a closer race on the state level, but Smith was still victorious with 56.88 percent over Fellows’ 42.61 percent.
In the Supreme Court justice number 5 race, Laurie McKinnon won with 56.36 percent of county votes against Ed Sheehy’s 43.34 percent. McKinnon won the state with 55.57 percent over Sheehy who earned 44 percent of state votes.
In Roosevelt County, 73.24 percent of people voted to retain Supreme Court justice number 6, Brian Morris and 26.76 percent voted against retaining him. This was very similar to state votes. “Yes” votes totaled 78.55 percent and “no” votes were 21.45.
Roosevelt County voted to retain district court Judge David Cybulski with 67.62 percent “yes” votes and 32.38 “no” votes. On the state level, retaining Cybulski received 68.16 percent of votes and not retaining him received 31.84.
It also selected democrat Jonathan Windy Boy with 94.63 percent of the vote over the 5.37 percent that went to write-ins. Windy Boy also succeeded at the state level with 96.94 percent of votes.
Republican John Brenden won both the county and the overall election for the position of state senator of district 18. In Roosevelt County, Brendan won 59.33 to Julie French’s 40.58 percent of votes. At the state level, Brendan won 60.49 to French’s 39.47.
Bridget Smith came out on top against local write-in candidates Bill Whitehead and Walter White Tail Feather with 82.09 percent of votes at the county level. She won 83.27 percent of votes overall.
Republican candidate Austin Knudsen won 96.93 percent of county votes and 99.12 percent of votes overall in Montana.
Patricia Stennes was re-elected as the clerk of district court with 98.2 percent of votes in Roosevelt County.
Gary McDonald came out on top and was re-elected for the position of County Commissioner for district 2. He earned 48.87 percent of county votes in comparison to his competitors Wade Creighton and Denver Atkinson, who respectively earned 30.15 and 20.25 percent of votes.
Legislative referendum no. 120 – Parental notification prior to an abortion for a minor, received 78.22 percent “for” votes and 21.78 “against” votes. Similarly on the state level, it received 70.27 percent of votes for it and 29.73 against the measure.
Legislative referendum no. 121 – Deny certain state-funded services to illegal aliens, received 77.07 percent “for” and 22.93 “against.” It received 79.2 percent “for” on the state level and 20.8 “against.”
Legislative referendum no. 122 – Prohibit state or federal government from mandating the purchase of health insurance, received 62.04 percent of votes for the measure and 37.96 against.  At the state level, 66.89 voted “for” and 33.11 voted “against.”
Initiative referendum no. 124 – Referendum on sb. 423. which repealed I-148 and enacted a new medical marijuana program, received 56.24 percent of votes “for” in the county and 43.76 “against.” It was similar for the state where it received 56.55 percent of votes “for” and 43.45 “against.”
Initiative no. 166 – Corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights, received 72.95 percent of votes for the initiative and 27.05 against it. At the state level, it received 74.84 percent of votes for it and 25.16 percent against.
Roosevelt was one of the few Montana counties that voted primarily democratic along with Blaine, Hill, Glacier, Missoula, Silver Bow, Deer Lodge and Big Horn Counties.
(editor’s note: currently 83.63 percent of Montana’s 794 precincts have fully reported their results. In turn some of these results are subject to change. )