Wolf Point Herald

Searchlight Hires New Editor

I am the new editor at The Searchlight in Cul-bertson. I’m currently living in Wolf Point and working from The Herald-News office two days a week.
I come from the “fake” Midwest otherwise known as Ohio. We like to call ourselves Midwesterners aside from the fact that we are nowhere near the middle of the country and my four-day car ride here has proved that Ohio is as western as much as Cheney is considered a hunter.
I enjoyed the 75 mile per hour speed limit once I got out of Illinois where the only thing that costs more than a speeding ticket is talking on your cell phone while driving. To me, the two are completely unrelated considering I tend to shift my car, text my mom and finish my hamburger all while cruising down the highway.
Anyway, my road trip here was considerably smooth aside from the speeding ticket I got before I even left Ohio, hence my rant about speed limits. I got the ticket as I was leaving Ohio University, my alma mater, after visiting some friends who were sending me off with a last hurrah.
I could have sworn that the street I was on had no speed limit, but I was kindly informed by the police officer that I was going 58 in a 35 mph zone and looked like I had just robbed a house since my entire car was packed to the roof due to the fact that I was moving 1,500 miles away from the state of Ohio.
Those were his exact words by the way, “robbed a house,” which threw me for a loop because I then began thinking that I have a criminal look to me and my innocent card was not going to work.
Nonetheless, I tried to tear up and play the card that I was moving from my family for the first time and I was just nervous for the big move. He saw right through my tears and gave me the ticket while informing how to pay the police department as if I hadn’t been through this rodeo once or twice. I politely thanked him for charging me and putting a dent in my bank account and was then officially on my way to Wolf Point; a little poorer, a little nervous, but looking forward to the 75 mile per speed limit on the highway.
Aside from my trouble with the speed limit, I have been a pretty stand-up citizen while living in Ohio. I graduated high school in 2007 and went off to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University to study print journalism and have a good time.
I played tennis in college and, for the past four years, have been a summer camp counselor in Greeley, Pa., where I taught tennis and soccer to children who didn’t pay attention and just wanted to talk about what counselors actually did when they left camp.
I come from a family of five — two married parents and one older and one younger brother and a dog named Bella.
I am a little scared for my first Montana winter, but am excited to be writing for Culbertson and hopefully becoming a true Midwesterner.