Wolf Point Herald

NEMHS Ambulance Crew Hosts Halloween Safety Fun

Eighty-two second-graders from Poplar Elementary School enjoyed riding on board emergency ambulances with sirens blazing and lights flashing alongside ambulance crew members from Northeast Montana Health Services - Poplar Hospital on Thursday, Oct. 25.
The students were bussed to the ambulance shed for a two-part Halloween safety pep-talk intermingled with fun and the passing out of Halloween bags and light-up flashing safety bracelets.
“We knew we would not be able to interact with the entire student population and we wanted to reach an early age group that would be enthusiastic about coming and learning about the role we play in an emergency and what we do on a daily basis. We selected second-graders because we felt they were a fun and energetic age that would enjoy the experience,” said Nonette Brown, director of emergency medical services for NEMHS.
Brown and other EMS volunteers paraded the children through the ambulances, giving them a brief look at the internal workings of the two rigs while providing them with safety tips about how to enjoy the ghoulish evening of trick-or-treating safely.
Several volunteer students were strapped into the portable electric gurney that assists the EMS crew transport patients weightlessly in and out of the ambulance.
“We hope in the future we will be able to continue providing our area’s youth with these types of outreach programs throughout the year,” Brown said.