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Picton And Briscoe Located In New Mexico, Waive Extradition

The wild saga surrounding Cynthia Picton and Robert Briscoe came to a screeching halt last week after the two, who were wanted for violating multiple conditions of release from the Roosevelt County Detention Center, were located in Grants, N.M.
Picton, 42, and Briscoe, 36, both of Poplar, were charged with multiple drug-related felonies in Roosevelt County including criminal possession of precursors to dangerous drugs, operation of an unlawful clandestine laboratory within 500 feet of a residence and criminal production or manufacture of dangerous drugs stemming from an incident in February.
Until recently, the two had been incarcerated in Roosevelt County Detention Center.
Picton was released in September on her own recognizance and had strict conditions stay in Roosevelt or Valley county and had a no-contact order with Robert Briscoe.
Briscoe was subsequently released on Oct. 1 with the same no-contact order.
Court documents said they were due in court again on Oct. 24, but the situation took an odd turn when the trail suddenly went cold on both defendants.
Picton was staying at a hotel in Glasgow when a hotel employee reported her missing to Glasgow police.
The report said the last phone calls on Picton’s cell phone found in her hotel room were to a gas station in Glasgow. The gas station surveillance tape showed a man who resembled Briscoe making phone calls at the times dictated on Picton’s phone.
Roosevelt County put out warrants for Picton and Briscoe’s arrests and, on the night of Oct. 10, the two were located in Grants.
It is undetermined what Picton and Briscoe’s overall plan was or what they designated as their final destination.
The duo were held in the Cibola County Jail and appeared in the Cibola County Magistrate Court for extradition hearings.
According to the Roose-velt County Attorney’s Office, both Picton and Briscoe waived extradition, meaning each waived their right to fight being extradited from New Mexico to Montana.
It is undetermined when the two will be returned to Roosevelt County, but it is likely their violations of release will garner new charges against them or harsher consequences for the charges they currently face.