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‘Gunfight’ On The Streets Of Wolf Point For Centennial?

It won’t be Matt Dillon staring down a bad guy on a dirt street in Dodge City, but Wolf Point’s John Olson might stare down a bad guy, or good guy, on one of downtown Wolf Point’s modern asphalt streets for an old-fashioned “gunfight” during the Centennial celebration, which will be held during the 2015 Wild Horse Stampede.
The Centennial Committee discussed the likely debacle Thursday, July 31, with Olson and Dan Hutchinson, both working to organize the gunfight.
The gunfight might include things leading up to it such as people saying things in public places that could include “Be on the look out for” or “So and so is coming to town.”
It is not determined where the gunfight will take place or which day of Stampede it will happen. In the parade route, after all the horses have passed, is a possibility.
The committee also discussed having a public hanging. It is undetermined who would be hung.
Other business the committee addressed included hiring entertainment and how much would be spent. It remains undetermined whether a Montana band would be hired or a name band. A decision is likely this month.
Fundraising was discussed including obtaining a Special Events Grant Program grant through the Montana Office of Tourism, seeking funding from the Wolf Point City Council and Roosevelt County Commission and other grant and fundraising endeavors.
A recent 50/50 drawing netted nearly $2,500.
Some other possible Centennial events include a public feed, street dance, fun run and a wagon train.
For additional information about the Centennial celebration, to contact the committee, volunteer or donate, contact Linda Twitchell at 650-8748 [call or text], or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..