Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point City Council Makes Plans To Address Triangle Park Tables, Water Pipeline Issues

The Wolf Point City Council met on Monday, Oct. 15, and began taking small steps to address large issues.
At last month’s meeting, representatives from the Assiniboine and Sioux Rural Water Supply System asked the council to consider using its pipeline to provide water to the City of Wolf Point.
Mayor Dewayne Jager said he would turn it over to the water committee to be researched further.
On Oct. 15, the council announced there would be an Oct. 17 of several council members and representatives of ASRWSS to discuss potentially utilizing the pipeline.
On another organizational note, the council appointed several councilmen who would be in charge of running the special meeting regarding the Triangle Park tables and ultimately make the final decision on the controversial issue. The newly appointed councilmen are expected to set a date for a meeting in the near future.
In airport news, the council announced the airport officially has Wi-Fi provided by Nemont and stated the improvement and wildlife study was officially completed. It also authorized public works director Rick Isle to sign a reimbursement request from the Federal Aviation Administration.
The council discussed streets and alleys and announced that the Interstate Engineering project and the sidewalk extension on Front Street were nearly completed.
It also approved the annual Christmas Parade, which will take place Dec. 7.
The council then hired several new city staff members including Joe Hogan as a maitenence worker, Apolonio Padron as a water-wastewater trainee, and Lucas Hall as maintenance worker. It also accepted the resignation of Keeta Clemens.
On a final and reluctant note, the council accepted the resignation of John “Sonny” Douglas effective Nov. 30. He has served on the council for many years and has plans to move to Billings this winter.