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Poplar Woman Facing Felony Charges Goes Missing In Glasgow - Update

Breaking Update: Cynthia Picton and Robert Briscoe were located in Grants, N.M., on Oct. 10. A full story on the issue will run in next week's paper.
A new twist in an older case has emerged recently after 42-year-old Cynthia Picton of Poplar has been reported missing since Oct. 2 by Glasgow law enforcement.

The name may sound familiar because Picton was charged earlier in the year with criminal possession of precursors to dangerous drugs, operation of an unlawful clandestine laboratory within 500 feet of a residence and criminal production or manufacture of dangerous drugs in Roosevelt County.
According to court documents, Picton was arrested after her then-boyfriend, Robert Briscoe, 35, of Poplar, called 911 to alert the police Picton was driving drunk. 
After she was located and pulled over, police explained the situation which prompted Picton to tell police Briscoe cooked methamphetamine out of her car.
The report said Briscoe soon arrived on scene and both were arrested. After obtaining a search warrant and enacting a search on the couple’s property and hotel room, they were both charged since multiple items used to produce meth were found.
Picton and Briscoe were held in the Roosevelt County Detention Center for several months during court proceedings, but Picton was released in September on her own recognizance with conditions and Briscoe was released on Oct. 1. 
Picton was under strict conditions to stay in either Roosevelt or Valley County since her case has not been fully resolved and was expected back in court on Oct. 24.
She had most recently been staying in Valley County, but in a strange turn of events, Picton was declared missing by Glasgow police on Oct 2. 
Court documents said Picton had been staying in a hotel in Glasgow and an employee of the establishment made the initial missing person’s report. The employee said he saw Robert Briscoe near the hotel looking for Picton even though both have a strict no-contact agreement through conditions of their release.
The report also said when staff entered Picton’s room, all her belongings remained, but her car was gone from the parking lot. 
According to court records, police checked Picton’s cell phone and the last calls were to and from a gas station in Glasgow on Oct. 2. 
Documents said a man in a camouflage jacket was seen on surveillance video from the gas station. It said he resembled Briscoe and also said a camouflage jacket was listed in Briscoe’s inmate possessions list from Roosevelt County Jail, but the man’s identity has not yet been completely confirmed.
A gas station employee said he believed the man wanted the person on the other end of the line to meet up with him. 
Police said Picton was last seen in Glasgow driving a gray 2006 Nissan Altima with a Montana license plate of 6-25871A. The Billings Gazette also said she was 5’6” and about 105 pounds with shoulder-length blond hair. 
It is unclear if Picton’s disappearance has any connection to her recent criminal charges or if it is a product of foul-play, but Roosevelt County has issued a warrant for her arrest since she has violated the terms of her release. 
No information was available on whether or not police have attempted to contact Briscoe in regard to Picton’s whereabouts.
Law enforcement is urging anyone with information to call the Glasgow Police Department at 228-4333.