Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point School Board Approves New Staff Hires, Resignations

The Wolf Point School Board approved several new staff and resignations during a special board meeting, Monday, July 28.
The board approved the following resignations: Kim McCarthy-Cody, Northside teacher; Raymond Fleming, Northside teacher; Mike West, Northside head custodian; Mike Contreras, substitute teacher; Darlene Hanks, Northside paraprofessional; and K.D. Madison high school assistant volleyball coach.
The board approved hiring the following people: Billy MacDonald, Northside teacher, no previous experience; Jessica Sweet, high school assistant volleyball coach, 11 years experience; Nicole Paulson, junior high volleyball coach, no previous experience; Stacy Summers, head cross country coach, one year experience; and Janet Erickson, assistant cross country coach, one year experience.
In another matter, the board approved $35 per month added to the salary of each head custodian for a fuel allowance. This complies with IRS guidelines for employee business expense reimbursement.