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‘Wild, Wild Horses, Couldn’t Drag Me Away’ -- Jacksons Take Home The Buckles Again



A rider got on the horse, but doesn’t appear to be having much luck riding it.   (Photo by John Plestina)

Milo Jackson, his son, Jordan, and nephew, Emmett Jackson, all of Frazer, accept their buckles with sponsor Lee Redekopp, of Curtis Farm and Auto/Carquest.  (Photo by John Olson)


Let the mayhem begin.
A 26-year veteran of the wild and wacky wild horse race at the Wild Horse Stampede won buckles along with his son and nephew once again this year.
Milo Jackson of Frazer, with his son, Jordan, and nephew, Emmett Jackson, both 23, were the winners in the eight-team playing field Thursday, July 10, and Saturday, July 12. The horses won Friday night.
Winning two of the three nights, Jackson said, “I wish we had all three nights.”
Milo Jackson has competed in the Wild Horse Race at Stampede since 1988 and has won several times.
The Jackson’s Orange team was among eight three-man teams that competed for buckles during each of the three Wild Horse Stampede performances.
His son and nephew have competed several years.
The Wild Horse Race is a favorite at the Stampede rodeo, because everyone knows that untamed and unbroken horses that are bred for wild horse racing are usually less than hospitable to any two-legged critter who tries to saddle them and climb onto their backs.
It is a sport with few rules and the odds are in favor of the 1,000-plus pound wild horses, not the three men who might collectively weigh half to one-third as much as the horses.
Wild Horse Racers can be kicked, dragged, run over, run into and thrown off.
One man holds a rope attached to the halter, another holds the horse and the rider saddles the uncooperative horse, and then tries to mount it and -- if he’s lucky enough to get a saddle on it — ride around the track, if he makes it that far. If more than one team finishes with a ride across the finish line, the first across wins.
The other teams were: Lavender, sponsored by Nemont Weedbusters, consisting of Easton Copenhaver, Brock Copenhaver, Keith Norlund; Blue, sponsored by Plum Crazy Trucking, consisting of Sheldon Smoker, Lionel White, Mike Birdsbill Jr.; Tan, sponsored by A-Plus Construction, consisting of Brock Standing, Jordan Moran, Fletcher Clampitt; Pink, sponsored by Horseshoe Bar, consisting of Beanzie Azure, Anthony Archdale, Harlen Burshia; Yellow, sponsored by DeWitt Trucking, consisting of Jamie St. Marks, Mike DeWitt, Garrett Long; Gray, sponsored by Gourneau  Construction, consisting of Frank Bosh Gourneau III, Nate Moran, Matt Ayers; Lime Green, sponsored by Mitch and Tina Clark Sr., in memory of Calvin Clark, consisting of Brickie Jackson, Elvis “Boy” Jackson and Mike Jackson.