Wolf Point Herald

Lawmen Report Few Stampede Arrests

With packed bars, people drinking outdoors in the downtown area, a street dance and three nights of dances in the Elks Club parking lot during the Wild Horse Stampede, police reported fewer incidents than during previous Stampedes and few arrests.
That might be in part due to a high presence of police uniforms and marked vehicles on the downtown streets all three nights of Stampede. The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Peck Department of Law and Justice and Poplar Police all provided officers to assist Wolf Point police.
WPPD Sgt. Ryan Michaelsen said much of what officers did was disperse crowds and remove intoxicated individuals and juveniles from areas of the outdoor dances.
Marvin Brookman Stadium and the carnival were outside the city limits.
Undersheriff John Summers said RCSO deputies had minimal problems to address. They did, he said, remove several intoxicated individuals from the rodeo grounds and assisted children who had gotten separated from their parents at the carnival.
“We assisted the city police downtown,” Summers said.
“It was one of the most peaceful Stampedes that I can remember,” he said.