Wolf Point Herald

DUI Task Force Considers Another Alcohol Server Training In Culbertson

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force discussed recent alcohol server training in Wolf Point and a need to offer the class in Culbertson during the monthly meeting, Tuesday, July 1.
Twelve people attended an alcohol server training class in Wolf Point, Tuesday, June 2. The Glasgow/Wolf Point Workforce Center presented the class at no charge. They offered to present the same training in Culbertson if requested to do so by the DUI Task Force.
County commissioner Gary Macdonald said the same training program should be offered to alcohol servers in Culbertson. He said if there isn’t a good turn-out, have a sheriff’s deputy conduct compliance checks on Culbertson establishments that serve alcohol.
Task force member Mary Vine suggested purchasing drink coasters for bars with the DUI Task Force name and a “drink responsible” message. Vine’s suggestion was received favorably and she was asked to obtain prices.
Task force member John Carlbom asked if there were statistics on a recent law enforcement sobriety check stop. Vine said she would ask for numbers of DUI arrests.
The DUI Task Force will next meet Wednesday, Aug. 6, at 2 p.m., in the conference room across from the Roosevelt County health department.