Wolf Point Herald

Audit Says Frontier School Must Draft Policy

Frontier Elementary School’s audit and a public guest were at the forefront of its Oct. 8 school board meeting.
Frontier School, like all schools statewide, is mandated to be audited yearly under Montana state law. The company conducting the process said they were on track.
An issue arose though, regarding “attaboys,” or incentives given to teachers and those affiliated with the school. An amount of less than $1,000 was given to various certified and non-certified employees and the auditor said the school’s method of reporting the sum lacked transparency.
Essentially, the school knew where the money came from and where it was going, but the auditor requested a more detailed log. It was established the school board would need to create a policy surrounding “attaboys” and would have to outline exactly who received them, what fund it came from and who would issue them. It was also suggested the board explain how each teacher or person was selected for the incentive.
The auditor stated this type of reporting would offer more transparency and could be resolved easily.
The board agreed to draw up a policy and present it for review at the next meeting.
Roosevelt County Commissioner’s candidate Wade Creighton was given the floor in order to present his political platform to the board.
In the dean’s report, it was said the school is working on filling the special education teacher position and it is currently looking at six candidates.
School superintendent Christine Eggar updated the board on school happenings including upcoming projects and the volleyball team’s success.
The board unanimously approved Jed Loucks as the fifth- and sixth-grade boys’ basketball coach and Brent Nygard as the fifth- and sixth-grade girls’ basketball coach.