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WPJH Graduates 46 Eighth-Graders



Awaiting Their Diplomas
The graduates anxiously await their diplomas.
(Photos by John Plestina)

The Wolf Point eighth grade graduates in the processional at the beginning of the graduation ceremony.
Honor student speaker Jacob Boysun.

The Junior High Choir performs Listen To My Song under the direction of music teacher Lynne Monson.

Honor student speaker Alexis DeWitt.

Honor student speaker Jeremiah Paine.

The Junior High Band performs Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer under the direction of music teacher Lynne Monson.

Honor student speaker Savannah Wozniak.

Roger White performs the Honor Song.


Forty-six eighth-graders received diplomas during the Wolf Point Junior High graduation exercises Tuesday, June 3.
“Stepping up to the bottom of the food chain,” was how graduate Savannah Wozniak described the transition from being at the top of the junior high food chain as eighth-graders to becoming freshmen in August.
One of five honor student speakers, Wozniak quoted Matthew 7:24-27 about the man who built his house on a rock foundation, preventing rain, rising water and wind from knocking it down, and equated it to building a strong educational foundation.
“High school is about choices and it’s not just about what movie to see at Prairie Cinemas,” Wozniak said.
Honor student speaker Jacob Boysun opened with a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “You will find the key to success under the alarm clock.” Boysun said that could mean get up early.
“Be positive. Don’t think negatively. Attack every day with an attitude that says, ‘I’m going to succeed,” Boysun said.
Graduation means to succeed. Graduation means to move up to another level,” honor student speaker Lindsey Dahl said.
She reminded the other 45 13- and 14-year-old graduates that they are all growing up.
“Enjoy all of your blessings. Enjoy everything you have,” Dahl said.
“I believe God puts people into our lives for a reason,” honor student speaker Alexis DeWitt said.
She said the transition from elementary school to junior high was strange and different, but she would not take it back.
“We have to remember, this is just a start,” DeWitt said.
“They say that life passes by in the blink of an eye and I don’t want to miss any of it,” she said.
Another honor student speaker, Jeremiah Paine, presented a goal to his classmates in the Class of 2018.
“I hope our class has the lowest dropout rate in Wolf Point High School history,” he said.
“The past two years were fun and I can’t wait until high school,” Paine said.
In addition to Boysun, Dahl, DeWitt, Paine and Wozniak, the graduates were (in alphabetical order): Kiyen Andrews, Ayanna Archdale, Ryan Barnett, Kenneth Bauer, Jason Blaquiere, Gage Bostick, Precious Comes Last, Trevor Davis, Charles Doney, Samantha Dumont, Delia Dumont Clark, Hezekiah Follet, Chandlor Garfield, Cole Grandchamp, Jakilyn Harada, Leslie Hawk, Kayden Jackson, Marcus Jackson, Jerome Jensen, Jayden Joe, Darnell Martell, Jamilla Martell, Gillian Medicine Cloud, Norman Owens Jr., Dalton Pronto, Brandon Red Boy Jr., Jeremy Red Dog Jr., Aaron Ricker Jr., Destinee Rowe, Trevor Saindon, Ronnel Santos, Jaymee Stiffarm, Sierra Summers, Patrick Szymanski, Thomas Vandall, Roxanne Vermette, Rayna Warmbrod, Amandalaura Weeks-Combs, Jami Welch, Marques White Horse and Dalton Williams.