Wolf Point Herald

Council Considers Landscaping Proposal For Sherman Park, Other Park Improvements

The Wolf Point City Council discussed a proposal by Steamboat Dry Goods’ owner Carolyn Whitmer Monday, May 19, that would fund landscaping at Sherman Park, which would include replacement of dead trees and the addition of more trees at no cost to the city. Mayor Chris Dschaak requested that the Park, Recreation and Tree Committee meet with Whitmer to discuss her proposal. In another matter concerning Sherman Park, the council approved a call for bids to build a ramp for the gazebo. Bids will be considered in June but construction will not begin until after the Wild Horse Stampede in July. The council also discussed rehabilitating the park on Fifth Avenue South and Fairweather Street. Mayor Chris Dschaak requested that the park remain on the council agenda for discussions during future meetings. In other business, the council discussed a proposal by Fire Chief Shawn Eggar to dispose of a fire truck the city purchased in 1974 and replace it with an up-to-date and efficient truck the county owns. City Attorney Jordan Knudsen will research the legality of selling the old truck and the joint city/county use of another truck. The council will revisit the issue during a future meeting. In another matter, the council discussed requests by residents of Crescent, Prospect, East Indian and East Johnson streets to place additional speed limit signs to attempt to discourage speeding in the residential area. The council also discussed a possible need for a social media ordinance that could set restrictions or guidelines over what city employees and volunteer firefighters could post on Facebook and other social media sites that could affect the city. Dschaak said there is a need to address the use of social media with a policy.