Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Discuss Turning Over Two Pieces Of Land To City Of Poplar

The Roosevelt County Commissioners began their Sept. 28 meeting with a tax deed sale, presenting five pieces of land for auction.
Only the first portion of land was sold for a price of $1,012 and had a starting bid of $1,010. Two more pieces of land with starting bids of $3,615 and $2,400, respectively, received no bids.
The fourth and fifth pieces of land encouraged some discussion because the City of Poplar has requested they be given to them. The commissioners agreed they would turn over the land if no one bid on the lots in a public auction.
The commission’s presiding officer Gary Macdonald said the City of Poplar wanted to clean up the lots and eventually try to sell them.
There were no bids for the two lots near Poplar, but the commissioners said it was protocol to enter the land in another auction in March and, if neither receives bids once again, the commissioners could make a decision to donate the lots to the City of Poplar at that time.
The board then went on to approve claims in the amount of $433,538.21.