Wolf Point Herald

Frontier School Board Oks Staff Raises

Frontier Elementary School trustees authorized staff raises as a means of retaining employees Monday, May 12.
The school board approved classified staff compensation for 10 employees that includes pay increases of $1 per hour and a $3.50 raise to the lowest-paid employee.
Superintendent Christine Eg-gar said pay increases are necessary to retain staff.
“It’s a big raise, but I feel they can go to work somewhere else [if not given the raise],” she said.
Total pay raises for classified staff (non-teaching) total $17,230.
Eggar said total pay increases, including teachers and the offer the board extended in April for the new principal who will start before the beginning of the 2014-15 school year put the district a little over budget, but the district could work through it.
In another matter, the trustees approved contracts for independent contractors Kris Hubeek and Dave Riggin, both counselors.
Hubeek, a counselor at Culbertson School, will come in as needed to oversee the special education program and independent education plans at $500 per day to keep the school in compliance until a teacher receives certification for special education.
Riggin will receive a $750 raise to $14,750 and a gas stipend.
The board also approved classified staff contract renewals for the next school year for Jeremiah Eggar, Bev Elgie, Sheryl Estes, Renee Goodman, Janece Houg, Verda Huber, Kathy Nichols and John Rabenberg.
The board was informed of the resignations of a library aide and music teacher as an informational item only.
The board also voted to accept the results of the May 6 election and reappointment of unopposed board members by acclamation.
Brandon Babb will continue as board chairman, Mark Zilkoski will become vice chairman and Ann Landsrud will continue as clerk.