Wolf Point Herald

Commissioners Vote To Move Forward With Poplar Library Merger

The Roosevelt County Commissioners voted Tuesday, May 13, to move forward with a merger of the Poplar branch of the Roosevelt County Library and the Fort Peck Community College Library.
With the county librarian in Poplar due to retire in August and the lack of space in the current county library that is attached to the fire station in Poplar, commissioners have been considering a request by the Fort Peck Tribes to merge the libraries into the larger facility on the Fort Peck Community College campus.
Commissioner Gary Macdonald said the annual cost to the county is likely to be about $20,000.
“Everybody is pretty enthusiastic about it over there [in Poplar],” Macdonald said and recommended moving forward with a merger in August.
The commissioners voted to request that assistant county attorney Jordan Knudsen meet with FPCC president Haven Gourneau to discuss a contract.
Knudsen said he prefers a contract to a memorandum of understanding, which FPCC proposed.
The library will remain open to the public.