Wolf Point Herald

Lord’s Table Broke Into, Trashed

When someone broke into the Lord’s Table, stole food and trashed the building Tuesday, May 6, they took donated food that was slated for free meals and forced a temporary closure of Wolf Point’s only soup kitchen.
Authorities had not determined by Monday, May 12, who committed the burglary and property damage at the Lord’s Table.
Pastor Danny Lindsay of Overcomer’s Church founded the Lord’s Table in 2001.
“They took some food and broke the front door; broke the back door,” Lindsay said.
“Think about the kids. We just shut down for the week,” he said.
“We just put in a new door last fall,” Lindsay said.
Hamburger, chicken, potatoes and pastries were taken.
This wasn’t the first time the Lord’s Table was broken into and food was stolen.
“Last time, I put mesh wire on the windows,” Lindsay said.
He said he thinks adults might have committed the burglary because a metal door was bent and a latch snapped off.
Whoever broke in carried five-gallon containers of Kool Aid and 10-pound, two-foot-long packages of hamburger out of the building.
Formerly a food pantry as well as a soup kitchen, the Lord’s Table currently serves meals five days a week. About 25 people use the services at the beginning of each month. That number swells to nearly 100 later in the month.