Wolf Point Herald

Indian Education Committee To Meet Thursday To Discuss Federal Funding And Levy Election

The Wolf Point Indian Education Committee met Monday, May 5, and will meet again Thursday, May 8, to discuss federal Title VII funding after voters have decided the two school levies.
Title VII addresses American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian education.
Wolf Point voters decided two levies and two school board positions Tuesday, May 6. Results were not available by presstime, but were posted on The Herald-News web and Facebook pages.
The two questions on the ballot asked for voter approval of a one-year, $250,000 levy intended to increase the building reserve and provide funding for parking lot and gym floor repairs at the high school and a $200,000 continuous elementary general fund levy that could help keep the preschool program operating.
Superintendent Joe Paine said a much larger percentage of registered voters had returned mail-in ballots as of Monday, May 5.
During the Indian Education Committee meeting Monday, May 5, board member Neil Taylor, director of the education department of the Fort Peck Tribes, said the dropout rate needs to decrease and the graduation rate increase. He also said truancy needs to be addressed.
“Anything we can bring to the table that’s for the kids,” Taylor said. “The kids need all the support we can give them.”
One man said he was disappointed that the school district did not apply for an extension of the Graduation Matters grant.
Paine said a physician and nurses will visit the school so that each student who plans to participate in an extracurricular activity will be able to get the required physical at no cost.
The committee will meet again Thursday, May 8, at 5 p.m. in the Wolf Point High School library.