Wolf Point Herald

Farewell Wolf Point

Dear Herald-News Readers:

I moved to Wolf Point full of enthusiasm and excitement at working on a successful community paper. It took a bit but I finally realized that the powers that be don’t really want a successful paper. You all saw me out in the community getting to know you and covering events, meetings, sports and everything else. I was told that is not what the paper wants.

After being shot down repeatedly on stories or having my ideas, research and contacts handed off to someone else, I have finally reached my limit of tolerance for chaos, confusion and craziness.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that I leave in search of a paper that does want to succeed, does want to truly cover community and does want to supply its readers with the stories and news they  want to read.I shall miss you all and leave with you my hopes and prayers that you still get the news you want from FB or whatever sources are available.

And as many have suggested to me, if I had the money or the investor, I would come back in a heartbeat to start a true community paper.

Thank you for accepting me as one of your own and for supporting and encouraging me.

Vicki Viall