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Amtrak Addresses Delays

Amtrak’s web site recently announced that they are addressing delays that customers who utilize the Empire Builder have been experiencing in North Dakota.Customers have experienced delays and have had to move from one train to another via buses to reach their destinations.According to the message posted on their site, these delays and inconveniences to passengers has been caused by BNSF Railway who owns the tracks that Amtrak uses.Amtrak wants to assure customers they are aware of the issues and feel the customers pain.

Amtrak is spending investing millions of dollars to add additional tracks to resolve the problem. They also noted that the addition of additional tracks will take time.Amtrak trains routinely are required to pull aside as BNSF trains transporting oil and grain pass. Unfortunately, there is no reliable time table for the trains being sidelined in Fargo, North Dakota.Amtrak is concerned that customers understand what is happening and why and begs their patience as they are working to build the additional tracks required for a resolution. One possible solution may be for Amtrak to build the delays into their schedules. This would be temporarily only until such time as the new tracks are completed.For additional inquiries, complaints or suggestions, please contact Amtrak.