Wolf Point Herald

Southside School Wins School Oil/Natural Gas Impact Grant

Wolf Point's Southside Elementary School is one of two Roosevelt County schools and nine in Montana that will receive state grant money as oil and gas impacted schools.

This is the first year that the Montana Office of Public Instruction has awarded these grants.

The awards are available for oil and gas impacted schools that receive oil and natural gas production taxes in an amount less than 20 percent of the district's maximum general fund budget. These grants can range from $16,541 up to $75,000.


Southside School was awarded $69,955 and Culbertson High School was awarded $60,000.

The grant application for Wolf Point was completed by a committee comprised of Superintendent Joseph Paine, Wolf Point School District Business Manager Cheri Nygard and the Wolf Point Federal Projects Director.

Southside School's funds will be utilized to purchase and install a security system to protect the school from future vandalism to the building and grounds as well as to ensure the safety of the student body and staff during the day.

Culbertson's funds will be applied to their Title I program to assist in dealing with the large numbers of students that move into and out of Culbertson area and, therefore, the school system.

Culbertson's grant was prepared and submitted by Culbertson School District Superintendent Larry Crowder.