Wolf Point Herald

Wolf Point Schools Facility Committee Meets

The Wolf Point School District’s facility committee met Tuesday, March 4, to create a list of items at each school that need to be repaired, replaced or improved.
Chairing the meeting was Jaronn Boysun from the Wolf Point School board. Also attending from the board were Janice Wemmer-Kegley. Also present were superintendent Joe Paine and athletic director/facilities director Mike Erickson.

Boysun noted that much needed to be done at all three schools; however, a list needed to be compiled as a guideline. The list could be revised as tasks are completed, deleted or added.
Paine came prepared with a list from the three schools. Items currently in need of being addressed at Southside Elementary School are:
•Cracked cement at and around the entrance to the school and the sidewalks.
•Bricks on the exterior school walls are covered in a white film that needs to be cleaned.
•Graffiti needs to be removed from the exterior of the school.
•Installation of a security system with grant funds.
The list for Northside Elementary School includes:
•Windows that need to be repaired and/or replaced.
•Drainage from the school’s roof floods the playground.
The list for the high school is somewhat longer:
•Repair/paving of the parking lot.
•Gym floor has numerous broken boards. Entire floor needs to be replaced.
•Ceiling tiles in the gym need to be replaced. There are 400 square feet of fallen tiles that will be replaced.
•Basement needs paneling replaced. There is no sheetrock so that should be a quick fix.
The new furnace has been installed.
There will be a walk-through of the building March 18. Additional items may be added at that time.
Other items that were discussed included changes to the food/drink items that people are allowed to bring into the gym during events. Wemmer-Kegley pointed out that if candy, ice cream, cheese, etc., were not allowed into the gym, the cleanup would be easier and quicker and potential permanent damage to the floor alleviated.
Paine announced that Wolf Point has been awarded the Eastern C Divisional Tournament for the next two years. He also announced that local businesses and restaurants were very happy with the flow of business during the tournaments the past two weeks.
The discussion wound back to ways to improve the gym and extend the life of the current and/or new floor. One suggestion was made to have volunteers parking cars. Both Paine and Erickson said it had been done successfully in the past. In recent years, unfortunately, volunteers couldn’t be found to make it happen. That steered the conversation into a longer discussion about volunteers. In the future, they are going to attempt to help the Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture obtain additional volunteers by contacting the Lions Club, the Elks Lodge, the Optimist Club, Junior Optimists and the Knights of Columbus.
All of this information will be taken back to the full school board’s next meeting, which was set for Wednesday, March 12, at 6 p.m.